Thursday, November 7

Winner Annouced

My dear friend, Audrey, won the giveaway! I am excited to hand deliver the prayer devotional & 2 Pampered Chef gadgets to her!
Thank you to all that submitted your name! Stay tuned for the next chance to win :)

Saturday, November 2

2 on 2- November

Happy November! Wow, the first year w Evelyn is flying by! She is now 9.5 months old! She weighs 15 lb. 4 oz. (A few ounces smaller than Cora was at this age) She waves, claps & gives kisses. She is eating more table food and now enjoying what she is eating.  2 more teeth have come through on the top but she is still working on another 2. No she is not sleeping through the night, not even close...But who is keeping track of how many times she is up?!?!?
She was my little lamb on Halloween and just as adorable as could be!

Cora Mae decided last minute to change her costume & become Cinderella rather than Rapunzel. It was precious, actually! She had been telling me for months she wanted to be Rapunzel so we got a costume from my niece. Perfect. She wore it everyday since the day she got it; even wore it to bible study Thursday morning. When it was time to dress for Trick or Treating she told me "Mommy, I just really want to be Cinderella. She is my favorite & I love her the most. Please can I wear my Cinderella dress?" Cute, right? I didn't care, so she got herself all ready in the Cinderella outfit my mom got her months ago for her birthday. Cora was such a trooper Trick or Treating. It was raining, cold & yucky here. That didn't stop her. She was so excited & ready to keep going house to house for "MORE CANDY"! It was a cold, wet but FUN night for me too :)
Cora also decided she didn't want to do dance anymore. She told me that she likes dance but she likes being w/ me more (Ohhhh, how I just love her sweetness) Maybe we'll try again in a year or so....
That's an update on my beautiful girls. They are treasures, for sure!