Monday, November 12

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Low to mid 40s.

On my reading pile::: My bible study on James has finished now I am going to read through Esther.

On my TV::: Cartoons-- I miss the news

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Meatloaf & baked potatoes
Tuesday - Mexican casserole
Wednesday - Broccoli cheese soup & Hawaiian rolls
Thursday - Swedish meatballs
Friday - Date night :)
Saturday - FONDUE! Remember our Christmas tradition? Yup, we are putting up our tree- I never put it up this early. If you knew what my next 3 weeks looked like you wouldn't harp on me for putting up my tree on Nov. 17th!!!
Sunday - Harvest soup & rolls

On my to do list::: Same ole Monday: grocery store & other errands, pay bills & tidy up house!

My "project" of the week::: Still to organize the basement. It didn't get done last week! ;)

What I am creating:::

Looking around the house::: It is a chilly morning after a beautiful weekend. Mae is bundle up in a blanket w/ her milk, watching cartoons. House is pretty tidy & I am in my recliner drinking coffee!

From the camera::: I didn't take any pictures this week. My camera battery is dead. Oooops!

Highlight of the past weekend::: Having the windows open Saturday & Sunday. Seems like a lame "highlight". But Friday Mae was puking and it was a relief on Saturday for her to be better, neither Ken or I got it and to have fresh air coming in through the windows! Ahhh, the small things...

Looking forward to this week::: Friday! We got a sitter for Miss MaeMae and are going on a date. Not sure yet what we are doing. But excited still the same :)

Bible verse, Devotional::: "It will be death that divides us. I love you & I am not going anywhere." This is from yesterday's service ending the series on Song of Solomon.

Wednesday, November 7

Baby Names

Did the title make you think I meant names for baby Stoner #2?? Ooops, sorry. Nope even better=

I thought you all might find as much humor in this as I do::::

Miss Cora Mae is an excellent "mommy" to her babies. From changing diapers to feeding and she is always speaking kinds words to them. She always wants to bring a baby when we leave the house- it is precious, really.

Here is the humorous part= the names that she, herself, has come up for each one. As she is playing mommy she refers to her babies as such:::

Bottom baby, Cinderella baby, Special baby, Tongue baby, Big baby & Naked baby!!!!


See, hilarious! Oh man, do I love that lil girl of mine!

Monday, November 5

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Low 50s all week.

On my reading pile::: Beth Moore's bible study on James

On my TV::: nothing right now-shocking!

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Butternut squash lasagna (it got skipped last week)
Tuesday - Chili & corn bread
Wednesday - Dinner w/ friends
Thursday - My mom's beef tips & egg noodles
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Tuna melts & dip of some sort
Sunday - My mom's chicken stuffed crescents & broccoli

On my to do list::: Grocery store, pay some bills, make some phone calls----my usual Monday

My "project" of the week::: clean up & organize basement in hopes we can play down there this winter!

What I am creating::: I pureed a big pumpkin over the weekend. Leaving me w/ lots of pumpkin to freeze or cook with. I plan on making some pumpkin bread & my pumpkin french toast casserole!

Looking around the house::: Ekkk, do I have to?!?!?!

From the camera:::
Trick or Treating!

Highlight of the past weekend::: Getting together w/ friends Friday night

Looking forward to this week::: I've got places to go Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday---equally excited about all of them!

Bible verse, Devotional:::

Friday, November 2

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 turned out to be a lot of fun- for Miss Cinderella Cora & her parents :) For several weeks I was debating what to do for Halloween.
Ya see, it's just not a "holiday" that I really get into. Think I'm crazy but I don't necessarily like planning costumes but especially paying the outrageous prices for them. I do not like the gross, gory costumes some people insist on wearing. I was originally thinking Cora was still too young to 'get it'. I didn't want to drag her around on a chilly night to get candy that I would end up eating.
But a few weeks ago we dressed up for my Mom's group (a friend let me borrow the Cinderella costume) & Cora had so much fun. So, I decided to give Halloween a try this year.
We went to a few of our neighbors' then headed to beautiful Grand View Dr....which was packed! All the fancy houses decorated so cute & passed out good candy :)
Cora was too shy to say "Trick or Treat" to the homeowners but once we walked away she said it over & over. She started to shiver but said she didn't want to go back home! (Ken was actually cold and complaining more than Cora. Haha) She had a blast besides saying she was scared a few times of creepy music and of a few grown men that passed out their candy in masks.
When we eventually got back home Cora ate a good dinner, a few pieces of candy & then slept great. The next morning she asked me "Mama, if I eat a good dinner can we go Trick or Treating again? Please." I thought that was so precious. It made me glad we put the energy into taking her. Next year, I'll have a better attitude to start with & be more prepared :)
I guess it really is about leting kids be kids after all....

Cinderella Cora

Climbed in stroller & ready to go!

Bundled up on Grand View Dr. Pretty place to T or T, huh?

Love that "I've got more candy than I know what to do with" expression!
Came in from a chilly night to eat this soup that I had made before we left & just left hot on the stove= Perfect!