Monday, November 12

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Low to mid 40s.

On my reading pile::: My bible study on James has finished now I am going to read through Esther.

On my TV::: Cartoons-- I miss the news

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Meatloaf & baked potatoes
Tuesday - Mexican casserole
Wednesday - Broccoli cheese soup & Hawaiian rolls
Thursday - Swedish meatballs
Friday - Date night :)
Saturday - FONDUE! Remember our Christmas tradition? Yup, we are putting up our tree- I never put it up this early. If you knew what my next 3 weeks looked like you wouldn't harp on me for putting up my tree on Nov. 17th!!!
Sunday - Harvest soup & rolls

On my to do list::: Same ole Monday: grocery store & other errands, pay bills & tidy up house!

My "project" of the week::: Still to organize the basement. It didn't get done last week! ;)

What I am creating:::

Looking around the house::: It is a chilly morning after a beautiful weekend. Mae is bundle up in a blanket w/ her milk, watching cartoons. House is pretty tidy & I am in my recliner drinking coffee!

From the camera::: I didn't take any pictures this week. My camera battery is dead. Oooops!

Highlight of the past weekend::: Having the windows open Saturday & Sunday. Seems like a lame "highlight". But Friday Mae was puking and it was a relief on Saturday for her to be better, neither Ken or I got it and to have fresh air coming in through the windows! Ahhh, the small things...

Looking forward to this week::: Friday! We got a sitter for Miss MaeMae and are going on a date. Not sure yet what we are doing. But excited still the same :)

Bible verse, Devotional::: "It will be death that divides us. I love you & I am not going anywhere." This is from yesterday's service ending the series on Song of Solomon.

Wednesday, November 7

Baby Names

Did the title make you think I meant names for baby Stoner #2?? Ooops, sorry. Nope even better=

I thought you all might find as much humor in this as I do::::

Miss Cora Mae is an excellent "mommy" to her babies. From changing diapers to feeding and she is always speaking kinds words to them. She always wants to bring a baby when we leave the house- it is precious, really.

Here is the humorous part= the names that she, herself, has come up for each one. As she is playing mommy she refers to her babies as such:::

Bottom baby, Cinderella baby, Special baby, Tongue baby, Big baby & Naked baby!!!!


See, hilarious! Oh man, do I love that lil girl of mine!

Monday, November 5

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Low 50s all week.

On my reading pile::: Beth Moore's bible study on James

On my TV::: nothing right now-shocking!

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Butternut squash lasagna (it got skipped last week)
Tuesday - Chili & corn bread
Wednesday - Dinner w/ friends
Thursday - My mom's beef tips & egg noodles
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Tuna melts & dip of some sort
Sunday - My mom's chicken stuffed crescents & broccoli

On my to do list::: Grocery store, pay some bills, make some phone calls----my usual Monday

My "project" of the week::: clean up & organize basement in hopes we can play down there this winter!

What I am creating::: I pureed a big pumpkin over the weekend. Leaving me w/ lots of pumpkin to freeze or cook with. I plan on making some pumpkin bread & my pumpkin french toast casserole!

Looking around the house::: Ekkk, do I have to?!?!?!

From the camera:::
Trick or Treating!

Highlight of the past weekend::: Getting together w/ friends Friday night

Looking forward to this week::: I've got places to go Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday---equally excited about all of them!

Bible verse, Devotional:::

Friday, November 2

Halloween 2012

Halloween 2012 turned out to be a lot of fun- for Miss Cinderella Cora & her parents :) For several weeks I was debating what to do for Halloween.
Ya see, it's just not a "holiday" that I really get into. Think I'm crazy but I don't necessarily like planning costumes but especially paying the outrageous prices for them. I do not like the gross, gory costumes some people insist on wearing. I was originally thinking Cora was still too young to 'get it'. I didn't want to drag her around on a chilly night to get candy that I would end up eating.
But a few weeks ago we dressed up for my Mom's group (a friend let me borrow the Cinderella costume) & Cora had so much fun. So, I decided to give Halloween a try this year.
We went to a few of our neighbors' then headed to beautiful Grand View Dr....which was packed! All the fancy houses decorated so cute & passed out good candy :)
Cora was too shy to say "Trick or Treat" to the homeowners but once we walked away she said it over & over. She started to shiver but said she didn't want to go back home! (Ken was actually cold and complaining more than Cora. Haha) She had a blast besides saying she was scared a few times of creepy music and of a few grown men that passed out their candy in masks.
When we eventually got back home Cora ate a good dinner, a few pieces of candy & then slept great. The next morning she asked me "Mama, if I eat a good dinner can we go Trick or Treating again? Please." I thought that was so precious. It made me glad we put the energy into taking her. Next year, I'll have a better attitude to start with & be more prepared :)
I guess it really is about leting kids be kids after all....

Cinderella Cora

Climbed in stroller & ready to go!

Bundled up on Grand View Dr. Pretty place to T or T, huh?

Love that "I've got more candy than I know what to do with" expression!
Came in from a chilly night to eat this soup that I had made before we left & just left hot on the stove= Perfect!

Tuesday, October 30

Today's Grocery Trip

I need to kick it into high gear & get my stock pile full while I only have 1 child to drag to the store!Here is what I did today:::
Dawn dish soap= .49 & .24
Head & Shoulders shampoo= 1.50
Herbal Essence Shampoo & Conditioner= 2.99
=Total was $5.21- ECB
===paid $3.25 {And I got $1 ECB to use next time}
Pineapple=.41 ea
Soup= .75 ea
Yogurt= .35 ea
=paid $5.82
Got all this for $9.07!!!!

Monday, October 29

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Low 50s- no rain!

On my reading pile::: Beth Moore's bible study on James

On my TV::: Cartoons

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Tuna noodle casserole & green beans
Tuesday - Gnocchi
Wednesday - Beef barley soup & homemade rolls
Thursday - Butternut squash Lasagna & garlic bread
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Homemade pizza
Sunday - Tamale Pie

On my to do list::: Put away laundry (its washed & folded. I just stall when it comes to putting it away!), wash bedding, do floors & pay some bills

My "project" of the week::: Get the yard ready for winter

What I am creating::: Nothing, Wait, I take that back- A baby ;)

Looking around the house::: Its dark this morning & cold! Mae & me are cuddling in the recliner. I need to do some tidying up.

From the camera:::
From our Mom's Life "Culver's Night' fund raiser!

Highlight of the past weekend::: Having my niece & nephew here on their fall break!!!

Looking forward to this week::: Trick or Treating w/ Mae for the first time

Bible verse, Devotional:::

Thursday, October 18

Out of the mouths of babes

This morning Cora was on a roll talking about our baby. W/i 10 minutes all of this came out of her mouth:

"I'm ready for our baby to come out!"
"Mommy, the baby is cold. I need to keep 'her' warm." (As she covers my belly w/ a blanket)
"Mommy when the baby comes out. I'm going to stay w 'her' & watch 'her' and you can leave. Like go to store"
"I want to go in your tummy too to be w our baby"

Maybe she was so lovie bc she knew what her shirt said?!?!

Baby #2 is GROWING!


Tuesday, October 16

Not Ashamed

This is what my stove currently looks like!!!!
But I am not ashamed! Why?
Because I have been canning for days! And anyone who cans know how Messy your stove gets.
 So instead of cleaning it 5 times a day. I let it build up and I'll tackle it when I'm done w/ apples....which should be today :)

Monday, October 15

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Mid 60s- chance of rain on Wed.

On my reading pile::: James & Song of Solomon studies

On my TV::: Cartoons for lil Miss

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Coconut curry beef w/ rice
Tuesday - Capellini Pomodoro
Wednesday - Dinner at friend's
Thursday - Swedish meatballs w/ egg noodles

On my to do list::: I have a busy week. Somewhere to go everyday- Lots to get done!

My "project" of the week:::  I have apple butter & applesauce to can. This weekend I canned 13  half pints of cranberry-pear butter & we ate it on our cream of wheat this morning. It was delicious!

What I am creating::: Halloween costumes for Cora & I. We are going to a Halloween party tomorrow that they need to be ready for!

Looking around the house::: Dark. Clean. Cuddling w Cora in the recliner :)

From the camera::: Ooops, no pictures to share!

Highlight of the past weekend::: We didn't do much. It was chilly & rainy! But I enjoyed being lazy on Saturday watching Notre Dame & visiting Bass Pro Sunday after church.

Looking forward to this week::: LOTS! Monday is a doc. appt. Tues is my mom's group. Wed. our small group is meeting & Fri. we are traveling to IN! + A bday party Sat & a baby shower Sun. AHHHH! I'm tired just thinking about it all!!!

Bible verse, Devotional::: From my bible study this morning: "What good is it, my brothers and sisters, if someone claims to have faith but has no deeds? Can such faith save them?"= James 2:14

Friday, October 5

Freezer Friendly Friday- Individual Frozen meals

So I just got the brilliant idea to make individual frozen meals, especially for Ken's lunches. I used to buy SmartOnes or Lean Cuisine meals but only when I could get them for right around a dollar a piece, which is getting harder and harder. Ken is now sick of them and lets admit it- they really aren't the best tasting and they are loaded w/ sodium.
I started off w/ 2 different recipes that I know freeze well: Stuffed shells & Lone Star chicken enchiladas w/ Mexican rice! Today, I am sharing how I prepared the chicken enchiladas.

Lone Star Chicken Enchiladas (recipe originally from Taste of Home):

1 (2lb) whole fryer chicken, boiled, skinned, shredded
1 can (10 ounces) diced tomatoes with mild green chilies, drained well
3/4 c. salsa verde
1 can (4 ounces) chopped green chilies
1 c. black olives, sliced
1 tsp each: cilantro, chili powder, cumin
S & P to taste
1 c. half & half or Vitamin D
1 Tbsp. AP flour
12 flour tortillas, warmed
1-1 1/2 c. shredded cheddar cheese, divided
-In a large bowl combine: shredded chicken, tomatoes, salsa, chilies, olives seasoning and 1/2 c. of the cheese.
-In a shallow bowl combine half & half plus flour. Whisk until flour is incorporated.
-Dip 1 tortilla into milk mixture then fill w/ aprox. 1/3 c. of chicken mixture. Roll up & place in a Glad freezer container. (Because I am doing individual frozen meals I put 1 enchilada in each container)

The filling
Finished individual meal

Mexican Rice
 1 Tbsp. butter
3 stalks of green onion
1 small red bell pepper
1 c. white rice
S & P to taste
1/2 tsp each: cilantro, cumin, parsley & garlic powder

- Melt butter in a medium sauce pan.
-Add green onions & bell pepper & cook until softened (about 5 minutes)
-Add rice & cook about 3 minutes.
-Add S & P and other seasonings
-Add 2 c. water
-Bring to a boil. Cover, turn heat to simmer and simmer for 20 minutes.
-When finished, fluff w/ a fork.

Tuesday, October 2

Weekend Cooking

Here is another weekend of cooking: Vote for the recipe that you would like me to share!

Chicken & wild rice soup

Irish Soda bread

Chicken pot pie w/ white wine sauce

Pear applesauce-This was Cora's favorite from the weekend :)

Spiced cookies w/ pumpkin dip from Taste of Home

Monday, October 1

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Have I mentioned I love fall?!?!?! This week looks perfect. Low 70s no rain. Looks like we'll be at the park a lot this week!

On my reading pile::: Nothing except the 2 bible studies I am doing. I couldn't keep up w/ anything extra.

On my TV::: Dora

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Stuffed green pepper soup & cheese quesadilla dippers
Tuesday - Lone star enchiladas & Mexican rice
Wednesday - Lasagna & garlic bread
Thursday - leftovers
Friday - homemade pizza
Saturday - Super nachos
Sunday - Beef barley soup & corn bread

On my to do list::: Laundry, pay a few bills, grocery store, make some phone calls

My "project" of the week::: 

What I am creating::: Homemade applesauce. The price of apples gave me a heart attack but we did buy a 1/2 bushel of Jonathan that are delicious.

Looking around the house::: Mae is watching Dora, her new Obsession! I'm being lazy & haven't even showered yet.

From the Camera:::
Ok, this picture is 2 years old. But Ken just found it on this phone and I love it. Such a sweet lil thing!

Highlight of the past weekend::: Tanner's orchard on Saturday w/ Kenny (his idea actually). Cora had so much fun this year. She touched all the pumpkins and loved the petting zoo but Ken & I especially enjoyed the apple cider donuts:)  Pictures to come soon.

Looking forward to this week::: Since today is October 1st my answer will be that I am looking forward to this whole month. It's going to be busy but lots of fun things are planned already.

Bible verse, Devotional::: My favorite verse that has screamed my name so many times: "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction & faithful in prayer"- Romans 12:12
Doesn't that verse just about sum it all up??? Love it!

Monday, September 24

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Happy Fall~ Low 70s, nights getting into high 30s & rain a few days this week.

On my reading pile::: Song of Solomon

On my TV::: Cartoons for Mae bc I am doing this post later than normal & she is awake!

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Lamb Shepard's pie
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday - Cheese & Spinach tortellini & garlic bread
Thursday - Baked chicken & sides
Friday - Chicken pot pie
Saturday - Chicken wild rice soup
Sunday - Leftovers

On my to do list::: Lots to do since I've been out of town since Wed....dishes, lots of laundry, unpack luggage etc. Our usually Monday running errands day has been postponed!

My "project" of the week::: Freezing peppers

What I am creating::: Canned pears. Possibly pear jam and/or pear butter.

Looking around the house::: -Mae is watching cartoons -Bailey is sleeping (not feeling well) -luggage in middle of living room waiting for me to unpack -Yellow, Mae's fish, is on the dinning room table so Ken would remember to feed him -windows open...

From the camera:::

Highlight of the past weekend::: I had a fantastic weekend. I cannot pick just one thing!!! Thursday- Saturday I was in Indy w/ my mom & 2 sister-in-laws at the 'True Woman' conference'. {Cora stayed w/ Grama Stoner. First time ever leaving her overnight & we both did just fine} It was a great weekend away. Full of laughs, great speeches & good food :)
I also got to meet my newest niece, Hadley Rose.4 weeks old. Just perfect!

Looking forward to this week::: Women's bible study on Thursday morning.

Bible verse, Devotional:::

Monday, September 17

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Love it= low 70s all week :)

On my reading pile::: Song of Songs. Our church is starting a series in this "steamy" book ;)

On my TV::: nothing

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Meatloaf, mashed potatoes & green beans
Tuesday -  Ken's birthday- celebrating at our favorite restaurant
Wednesday - I'll be out of town the until Sunday. Ken is on his own!!!
On my to do list::: Grocery store, laundry, & make a batch of stuffed shells to leave for Ken while I'm gone.

My "project" of the week::: Finish the office :) I made big process last week. I just need to get some drawer units & other organizational tools!

Looking around the house::: It seems really dark this morning. Mae is still sleeping & of course Baily too.

From the camera:::
Watching the parade. She had so much fun this year. And keeps talking about how she saw DORA!

Highlight of the past weekend::: Yet another great weekend! Friday Cora & I took Ken b-day shopping & we got a quick dinner at Qudoba. (Been there? We really like it for a quick/cheap dinner)
Saturday we went to the annul Morton Pumpkin Festival. Walked around & watched the parade at a friend's house. Then watched Notre Dame beat Michigan St. Woohoo :)
Sunday was church & laziness! (Well, I was lazy. Ken did things outside)

Looking forward to this week::: I have a busy week. Tuesday is my sono! (No, we are still not finding out the gender!) Tuesday is also Ken's birthday & his mom is coming to town. Then Thursday- Saturday I am attending a women's conference in Indy.

Bible verse, Devotional::: From my morning bible reading: "Daughters of Jerusalem:...Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires"- Song of Songs 3:5

Thursday, September 13

Pumpkin French Toast Casserole

I love this recipe b/c I can prepare it the night before. Makes for an easy Saturday morning breakfast. However, you do not have to prepare it the night before- it just allows for the bread to really soak up the mixture. I have made it omitting the pumpkin all together. But in this house we prefer the pumpkin. Cora Mae loves hers w/ extra syrup :) 
Ooops, forgot to snap a picture before we dung into it :)

Pumpkin French Toast Casserole
6 eggs
2 c. pureed pumpkin
1 (8oz.) block of cream cheese
1/4 c. milk
3/4 c. syrup
4 Tbsp. butter
2 tsp. cinnamon
1/4 tsp. allspice
1 1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
freshly grated nutmeg, to taste
l (1 lb.) loaf of hearty bread Ex: French or Italian

- Add eggs to a large bowl and whisk.
-Add pumpkin, cream cheese and milk. Mix until cream cheese breaks apart and is distributed.
-In a microwave safe bowl add syrup & butter. Microwave for about 45-60 seconds until butter is melted.
- Add the syrup mixture to the egg mixture.
-Add cinnamon, allspice, vanilla and nutmeg
- Cut bread into aprox. 1 inch cubes (crust & all). Add bread to egg mixture. Mix until each piece of bread is covered w/ egg mixture.
-Spray a 9x13 baking dish w/ cooking spray or butter. Add bread mixture. Cover w/ foil. Refrigerate overnight.
-Next morning preheat oven to 350. Bake for 20 minutes covered w/ foil. Remove foil and bake an additional 25-30 minutes until center is set.
-Serve w/ additional syrup or spiced whipping cream :)

Tuesday, September 11

Weekend Cooking

Here is my Weekend Cooking in Review. Be sure to visit my Facebook page & vote for the recipe that you would like to see me post here :)

Homemade crusty Broule

Pot roast w/ red wine gravy

Pumpkin French toast casserole

Mexican corn chowder

German Chocolate brownies
Ha, just realized this as I was naming each recipe---I did a tour around the world: "French toast", "Mexican chowder" & "German chocolate"

Monday, September 10

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Low 80s all week

On my reading pile::: Finishing James

On my TV::: Nothing- I see cartoons in my future though!

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Weekend leftovers
Tuesday - Spicy Cajun penne
Wednesday -Leftovers or something light- Ken will be in Chicago all day & will get home late!
Thursday - Mexican casserole
Friday - Swedish Meatballs
Saturday - BLTs
Sunday - White wine chicken w/ artichokes over couscous

On my to do list::: Laundry, grocery store & cleaning up the house

My "project" of the week::: My office....I didn't get it done last week.

What I am creating::: Hmmm, I can't think of anything at the moment...

Looking around the house::: I'm actually in bed on this chilly morning- sipping coffee (which finally tastes good to me again)! Bailey is at my feet & Miss Mae is still sleeping.

From the camera::: Stay tuned- I took pictures of my weekend cooking.

Highlight of the past weekend::: Saturday morning was cool & sunny. We took a walk up to the local coffee shop & got pumpkin spice lattes (Not quite as good as Starbucks though) Then we stopped at a park for Cora to play!

Looking forward to this week::: My Mom's group is doing a tour at Papa Murphy's. At the end the kids get to make their own pizza~ Cora is going to love it :)

Bible verse, Devotional::: From my morning reading: "Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you"- James 4:7

Wednesday, September 5

2 on 2

I follow a blog where on the 9th of every month she posts a picture and a quick update of her 9 kids. And she titles it "9 o 9". Get it? 9 kids on the 9th?

Ok so here goes: This post is called 2 on 2 because Yes, that is correct, I am expecting my 2nd child. My apologies for not posting this on the 2nd of September. (I tell ya, holiday weekends will throw even the most organized person off their game.) I wanted to share our exciting news today because it happens to be a big milestone= 20 weeks aka Halfway!!!

Since I have not been extremely vocal about my news and there is no hiding the baby growing inside of me anymore friends, family, neighbors see me and instantly ask about my pregnancy. Here are the most FAQ:
1. Due date: January 23rd
2. Gender: we are not finding out (we found out w/ Cora but are patiently waiting until  this baby's birthday)
3. Is this pregnancy like my first? Do I think its another girl: This pregnancy is very different but a lot of similarities too. I am leaning towards boy but I've had 2 dreams this week it was a girl! I will be estactic either way.
4. Does Cora understand: Yes, more than I ever would have thought. She hugs, kisses, sings, reads and talks to the baby. She is also well aware that she is going to be a Big Sister.
5. Was this planned: Really? You just asked me that? I find that odd. But YES, this was planned. We waited on the Lord, he heard our cries & blessed us!
6. How am I feeling: I feel great now....NOW! My early weeks were rough & that my friends is why I was missing all summer long. I was sick and not cooking at all. We were surviving on pb&j and frozen ravioli. See no recipes to post. I had no energy to do coupons and thus my savings plummeted. Simply looking at my computer screen gave me headaches and made me nauseous. But I am back & ready to blog until say mid January when I'm certain I'll be taking another break :)

Here are my 2 babies on September 2nd:

Tuesday, September 4

Happy Homemaker Monday~ Back from Hiatus

My apologies but I am back from my unwarned & unexplained hiatus! And even though it is Not Monday I decided to come back w/ a "Happy Homemaker Monday" post.
I hope you all had a fantastic summer- I most certainly did...
Stay tuned...

The weather::: Mid 80s all week w/ slight chance of rain Wed. & Thurs.

On my reading pile::: Finished Proverbs (Proverbs has 31 chapters...I've been reading 1 chapter a day for the month of August) Now I am starting James b/c my woman's bible study will be studying it coming later in September.

On my TV::: Nothing, its like 5:45am!

On the menu for this week:::
Tuesday - Ham & egg casserole
Wednesday- Inside out eggroll
Thursday - Chicken in tomato-basil cream sauce (from Healthy cooking magazine. I made this last week & we loved it! So it is on the menu again this week bc it uses tomatoes & basil from my garden)
Friday - Tacos
Saturday - Pot roast & this crusty bread!
Sunday - Corn chowder

On my to do list::: Get to the license branch to renew plates. Ooops I forgot to renew and drove around all weekend on expired plates! Also, grocery shopping + a stop at the bank.

My "project" of the week::: Attempt to organize office/extra bedroom. UGH the thought makes me wanna take a nap. I need someone from HGTV to come help me :/

What I am creating this week::: Laundry soap, Bread crumbs and hopefully canning some tomatoes

Looking around the house::: Looks pretty good. I spent yesterday catching up on house chores.

Highlight of the past weekend::: 3 day weekend w/ Ken. We love having him around. I cooked a lot & he got a few "projects" done.

Looking forward to this week::: Friday ;)

Bible verse, Devotional::: From my bible reading this morning: "...Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry"- James 1:19

Monday, May 21

Happy Homemaker Monday

Be sure to visit Sandra for more Happy Homemakers!

The weather::: The week starts off in the low 70s but by Thursday the high is 90!!! Wowzers!

On my reading pile::: Nothing, I need to find something new.

On my TV::: I am using the TV as a radio: I have the christian radio music channel on

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Homemade pizza
Tuesday - Mac n cheese (I skipped this last week)
Wednesday - Veggie Burgers & wilted collards
Thursday - Oriental Chicken salad w/ Naan bread + dipping oil (Its suppose to be 90 degrees, this cold dinner will be perfect)

On my to do list::: Doc. appt (my neck & shoulder are sooo much better, by the way), oil changed in truck, bank, prepare for camping trip, laundry, & many more things I don't want to think about.

My "project" of the week::: Prepare for our BIG Mom's group's garage sale, which is June 2nd.

What I am creating::: This week, mostly Thursday & Friday, I'll be cooking some food to take on our camping trip: Biscuits & gravy, pasta salad, trail mix

Looking around the house::: Sigh, my house was neglected all weekend. We spent so much time outside this weekend, I did the bare minimum inside.

From the camera:::

Highlight of the past weekend::: We had a fun weekend. The weather was gorgeous! I planted my garden, Ken made me a garden box that he is putting around a new tree in our yard. We grilled just about every meal & ate outside on my new patio furniture. I told you it was fantastic!

Looking forward to this week::: Camping w/ my family!!!

Bible verse, Devotional::: "God is never late, he is never early. His timing is perfect. And his plans for you are good"

Friday, May 18

Friday's Freezer Friendly ~ Iced coffee

I love this recipe in the hot summer months. On mornings when I wake and its already 80 degrees I can't drink hot coffee. This gives me my coffee fix but is cold and refreshing too! It's a great recipe to play with. This time I used Starbucks vanilla coffee. YUM. And of course, you can pick a variety of different coffee creamers. I have also used evaporated milk in place of the milk.
This recipes comes from my aunt over at 

Iced Coffee
10-12 c. of double strength coffee
1 can sweetened condensed milk (I use fat free)
1/2 c. flavored liquid creamer
optional: 1- 2c. milk (I like mine strong, so I do not add any milk!)

-Brew strong coffee by doubling the amount of coffee grounds you would normally use. *Caution: My coffee maker overflowed, making a terrible mess the first several times I tried this. I now brew 2 batches of 6c. at a time.
-When coffee is finished brewing and still hot transfer to a pitcher and whisk in sweetened condensed milk. Allow to cool.
-Add creamer and milk, if desired.
-Transfer to bottles, leaving head space for expansion during freezing. (I dug through my recycle bin and found Gatorade and Snapple jars. Yes, you can freeze glass if you leave plenty of head space. )
-To use, thaw in the fridge the night before. Shake well. Serve over ice.

Monday, May 14

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Perfect= High 70s-low 80s

On my reading pile:::  Finishing up the book of Acts

On my TV::: Cartoons :)

On the menu for this week::: I didn't do this on purpose but almost all my meals are tried and true favorites around here :) Should make for an easy week of cooking! I am trying a new recipe: Unstuffed cabbage roll casserole. Recipe is from my friend at Dawn's Daily Life.
Monday - Veggie Burgers
Tuesday - Shredded chicken tacos
Wednesday - Mac n Cheese
Thursday - Unstuffed cabbage roll casserole
Friday - Prosciutto & cheddar paninis
Saturday - Homemade Pizza pockets
Sunday - Sloppy Joes

On my to do list::: Make a meal for a friend that just had a baby, make snacks for Mom's Life meeting tomorrow, grocery store, post office, doctor's appointment....And having a day care child here. OH BOY!

My "project" of the week::: Till, by hand, the area where my tomatoes will go. The tiller won't fit. Good work out!

What I am creating::: Homemade Yogurt I got a great deal on Dean's milk this week=$1.99 for a gallon. Excited to make yogurt w/ it....its been awhile. I need to update this recipe though b/c I do it a little differently now....

Looking around the house::: I'm doing this later than other Mondays. Mae is awake, watching cartoons. Bailey is at the front porch watching the neighbors. I've got my coffee & thinking about how I am going to juggle this crazy day! EEEK!

From the camera:::

Highlight of the past weekend::: It's hard to pick!! Saturday my hubby finally graduated:) A friend watched Mae during the 3+hour ceremony so I was able to enjoy it. Also, Saturday we got a teenager sitter (1st time EVER) & Ken and I went out to a nice dinner to celebrate his graduation and our 6 year wedding anniversary! Sunday, Mother's Day & our anniversary, was just as special. Ken and Mae brought me breakfast in bed. Then church, beautiful weather and a new lawn patio set!

Looking forward to this week::: Mom's Life, last meeting until September :( Also, this coming weekend of not much but staying around home doing yard work. My garden is getting planted :)

Bible verse, Devotional::: Church yesterday was based on John 15~ "The Vine & the Branches"
Great passage!

Friday, May 11

Friday's Freezer Friendly~ Pizza Pockets

I got this idea from Money Saving Mom during her "4 Weeks to Fill your Freezer" series. She happened to post this idea a few days before I was already planning on making homemade pizza for dinner- How perfect?!?! I just made extra dough, chopped more veggies and assembled these before dinner {During NAP time} This whole process from start to placing in freezer took 2 hours!

Homemade Pizza Pockets
2 yeast packets
2 c. warm water
1 tsp. salt
4 tsp. olive oil + 1 Tbsp.
2 tsp. Italian seasoning
3 c. whole wheat flour
2-3 c. AP flour
-Dissolve yeast in water. Let stand alone a few minutes until it gets bubbly.
-Meanwhile, add salt, 4 tsp. olive oil and Italian seasoning to Kitchen Aid mixer.
-Add yeast mixture.
-With the hook attachment add whole wheat flour 1 c. at a time, mix until combined.
-Add AP flour in 1/2 c. increments until dough is no longer sticky.
-Knead for 5 minutes.
-Add 1 tbsp. olive oil to a large bowl. Place dough in bowl, turning once to coat w/ oil.
-Cover w/ a towel and let it sit to rise. {I put mine on my stove while I was cooking sausage and pizza sauce. It doubled in size in about 20minutes}

Supreme pockets:
Pizza sauce, homemade or jarred
1lb. pork sausage, cooked
1/2 green pepper, chopped
1/2 onion, chopped
1 can black olives, sliced
1 c. mushrooms, sliced
8oz. shredded mozzarella cheese

Hawaiian pockets:
Pizza sauce
1 c. pineapple, chopped
1/2 green pepper, chopped
1 c. ham, chopped

Olive oil
Italian seasoning

To Assemble:
-Pull off dough and roll into a ball in your hands. (About golf ball size)
-On a lightly floured surface, roll out the dough to about 6 inch circle.
-Fill w/ sauce first, toppings then cheese.
-Fold over and pinch w/ a fork
-I used different colored tooth picks to distinguish supreme, Hawaiian and I made 3 for Mae {sauce, cheese and black olives}
-Brush w/ extra olive oil and sprinkle Italian seasoning on top.
-Bake at 400 for 12-15 minutes
-Allow to cool completely!!!
-Transfer to a Ziploc gallon bag and Freeze!

Hawaiin Pocket

I only got 13. I was hoping for 18!

I made 3 specially for Mae= sauce, cheese & black olives. Then I put hers in a sandwich bags and labeled MM's

Wednesday, May 9

Friday's Freezer Friendly on Wednesday?!?! {Mini Muffins}

Have you been following Money Saving Mom and her series "4 Weeks to Fill your Freezer"? I love her, everyday for 4 weeks she is cooking items that go straight to her freezer. I love the idea but I'm not as ambitious. This week I hope to get 2 days of freezer cooking in. Today, a quick snack for Mae, mini muffins & Friday I plan on making pizza pockets!

This recipe comes from my sister in law, Megan. But I got the idea of freezing mini muffins as a snack last week when we were grocery shopping. A woman was giving out samples of Hostess mini muffins, Cora loved the snack and so I looked at buying a box. Do you know a box of 4pks sold for $3.98! EKKKK! I made mine much cheaper and got 12 portions.

Mini Healthy Blueberry Muffins
1/2 c. butter substitute, softened
1 c. Splenda (I actually use 3/4 c. regular sugar)
1/4 c.honey
2 eggs
1 tsp. vanilla
2 c. all purpose flour
2 tsp. baking powder
3/4 tsp. salt
1/2 c. skim milk
1 c. blueberries, fresh or frozen

-Cream butter, sugar and honey together until fluffy.
-Beat eggs in 1 at a time. Add vanilla.
-Meanwhile, in a medium bowl add flour, baking powder and salt
-Alternately, stir in flour mixture and milk.
-Fold in blueberries
-Spoon batter into greased muffin pan, mini or regular. (B/c I used a mini pan I individually buttered each muffin. I did not want to spray Pam b/c I didn't think it would cover the pan well)
-Bake at 350 for 12 minutes (for mini muffins. 25-30 for regular muffins)
-Allow to cool in pan for 5-7 minutes.
-Remove from muffin pan and allow to cool completely.
-I then packaged them in fold over Ziploc bags, 3 per bag b/c I thought that was a nice portion for lil MaeMae.
-Then I put all the baggies into a large gallon Ziploc bag.
-These are going to be great for quick breakfasts or snacks on the go :)

Monday, May 7

And the Coupon Guess Winner Is...

Thanks to all of you that took a guess at my coupon savings. Wow, many of you had HIGH expectations for me! I better get to work this next year to live up to your expectations :)

My grand total of coupon savings from April 2011-April 2012 was $1,571!

That means Aubrey Deyoung is my winner w/ a guess of $1,716. She will be getting a gift card of $10 to her choice of Target, Kroger or Walmart (My 3 favorite places to shop)

Thanks again for all your support- Stay tuned for my next Give Away!!

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: High 60s-Low 70s all week! Rain today...hopefully the only day this week!

On my reading pile::: This is the last week of woman's bible study :(

On my TV::: Actually, the news this morning. I wanted to watch the weather.

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Rigatoni w/ ricotta w/ garlic bread (got skipped last week)
Tuesday - Fish tacos & grilled pineapple
Wednesday - Homemade pizza
Thursday - Tamale pie
Friday - Leftovers
Saturday - Not sure of weekend meals b/c of all the festivities
Sunday -

On my to do list::: Not much this morning. Later this afternoon I need to run a few errands after my chiropractor apt.

My "project" of the week::: Plan my garden so I can get it planted next weekend.

What I am creating::: Money Saving Mom is doing a series "4 weeks to Fill your Freezer". This week she is cooking lunch items that she will freeze. Follow along w/ her!

Looking around the house::: Dark, its raining again here! The house is clean. I have two 2 year olds here eating breakfast!

Highlight of the past weekend::: The beautiful weather & Ken being home all weekend b/c he is DONE w/ school!

Looking forward to this week::: Ken's graduation on Saturday & our anniversary + Mother's Day on Sunday :) It's going to be a busy, blessed weekend!

Bible verse, Devotional::: From "Jesus Calling" a daily devotional: "Fear no evil, for I can bring good out of every situation you will encounter" (Psalm 23)

Monday, April 30

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Beautiful, 70s-80s

On my reading pile::: Still in Acts

On my TV::: Nothing

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Tomato basil veggie burgers & roasted vegetables
Tuesday - Lamb burgers & sweet potato fries
Wednesday - Dinner out
Thursday - Swedish meatballs & broccoli
Friday- Rigatoni w/ riciotta & garlic bread 
Saturday - Chicken fajitas & spanish rice

On my to do list::: Not much this morning. I will have another 2 year old here :)

My "project" of the week::: Yard work. Weeding our mulched area and garden!

What I am creating::: Homemade bread crumbs- I meant to do it a few weeks ago but didn't! Now I am almost out.

Looking around the house::: Quite. Cora is sleeping, Ken is at work. It's chilly here! 2 baskets of laundry on the couch waiting for Someone to put away. Ha!

From the camera:::  Salmon cakes were last week's poll winner :)

Highlight of the past weekend::: Sharing chocolate frozen custard w/ cookie dough w/ my Mae. Saturday we went on a date to Culvers! It was cold and rainy and we needed to get out of the house.

Looking forward to this week::: The 80 degree temps!!!

Bible verse, Devotional::: From Acts: 3:19