Friday, April 8

COUPONING~ The Honest Way

Did you watch TLC's "Extreme Couponing"? I did! For the past year I have been using coupons, beginning light. Sometimes I would forget or not take the time to find them and print them. But I decided several months ago I needed to get more organized and serious about finding FREE MONEY! So, I was excited to watch this new show and get some ideas on how to save more. But for me personally the show wasn't what I was hoping for. First, I felt it was some what hoarding. Several of the people had products all over their house. Some were single with no kids! How could they possibly use/need all that stuff? But one woman had 7 had kids and I totally cheered her on for saving money and stocking up. I'm sure its a must for her and her family! I also praised some who made it known they were donating items to charity. RIGHT ON!!! Secondly, it seemed like an obsession to some. It didn't give too many personal details but from what it seemed many of these people put their couponing above everything else! What if that much time and attention was given to God?  Last, I felt like some were taking advantage of the coupons and stores. Read this article for more information. I kept saying to Kenny "That is ridiculous! They are going to ruin couponing for the honest people!" After all of this hear me out- I still plan on couponing!! I want to get better and better at it. I want to save money. I want to match up sales and coupons and get items for FREE, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. But I have to keep myself in check, unlike many on the TLC show. I have to commit to do it honestly. I have to only buy what my family will use. I have to only use coupons for products that benefit us. I have to devote more time to my Savior than couponing. And with that I'm certain He will always take care of my family- even with out coupons! ;) "Conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gosphel of Christ" -Phil. 1:27
P.S. Stay tuned for how I coupon, where I get my coupons & what works best for me!


  1. My thoughts exactly, Julie. I didn't see that particular show but I did look into some of the websites that show you how to do it where you pay practically nothing for your groceries. I LOVE to save money at the grocery store and I want to get better at it. But I will NOT spend hours a day on it. I won't buy things we don't need just because it's a good deal. It looks like it can become an unhealthy addiction. Thanks for posting, this was interesting.

  2. right on jules! i see all that and wonder at how many ppl can really use it. there is a guy locally that has a saving/coupon blog- he donates xtra items all the time!
    you def. have the right perspective/priorities :)