I love to cook and do anything involving the kitchen. I can remember being very young and helping my mom in the kitchen.(Hmmm, come to think of it-was I really helping?)

I strive to cook healthy, semi-easy and with the most flavor possible. I use the term "Julified" when I take a classic recipe and alter it to make it a healthier option. But I post all sorts of recipes from indulgent cookies to summer salads!

Hope you find some inspiration in my recipes!

Recipe Index::::

Breads & Breakfast:
Biscuits & gravy, Julified (2-7-11)
Biscuits, 5 Ingredient (3-29-12)
Bread crumbs, Homemade (5-9-11)
Fruity Morning Smoothie (4-18-11)
Grilled fruit w/ Yogurt dip (6-7-11)
Iced Coffee (5-18-12)
Jalapeno corn bread muffins (11-15-11)
Mini Blueberry Muffins (5-9-12)
Pretzel Bites (2-23-13)
Pumpkin French Toast Casserole (9-13-12)
Stuffed French Toast w/ Strawberry Lemon syrup (5-7-11)
Tortillas, Homemade (1-13-12)
Whole wheat rolls (1-10-11)
Yeast Rolls (11-1-11)
Yogurt, Homemade (6-8-11)

Chocolate Bread Pudding (2-13-12)
Chocolate, Honey & Oat cookies (1-31-11)
Fruit Pizza (7-12-11)
Key Lime Cookies (4-18-13)
Inside out Cookies (2-14-11)
Red Velvet cupcakes (2-11-11)

Main Courses:
Beef Stroganoff (3-21-11)
Butternut  Squash Lasagna (11-9-11)
Butternut Squash Risotto (10-14-10)
Chicken & Green chile soup (1-23-11)
Chicken Pesto Pizza (8-21-13)
Chicken Pot Pie (3-19-13)
Corn Chowder (7-27-13)
Cuban Sammies (1-17-11)
Fish N Chips, Julified (1-10-12)
Fish Tacos (4-11-11)
Grilled Ginger Mustard Chicken (8-29-11)
Gyros  (3-15-11)
Harvest soup (11-1-11)
Inside out Eggroll (6-1-11)
Lamb Shepard’s Pie (10-19-11)
Mac N Cheese, Julified (4-25-11)
Mexican Casserole (1-18-12)
Pizza pockets (5-11-12)
Ravioli w/ sage butter (2-21-11)
Rotisserie Chicken, in crock pot (9-27-11)
Salmon Cakes (4-30-12)
Shredded Chicken Tacos (10-26-11)
Stuffed Green Peppers (8-15-13)
Swedish meatballs (6-20-11)
Sweet N Sour Pork chops (7-20-11)
Tamale Pie (3-28-11)
Thai Chicken (3-7-11)
Veggie Burgers, Homemade (5-17-11)
White Wine/Lemon Chicken (5-24-11)

Brussels Sprouts au gratin (10-13-11)
Cheesy Broccoli Quinoa (5-17-13)
Ken’s favorite potatoes (4-4-11)
Oriental Chicken Salad (5-31-13)
Summer Salad, Ken’s favorite (6-14-11)