Monday, September 30

Happy Homemaker Monday (9-30-13)

I absolutely LOVE fall.
The tempertures have fallen & leaves are starting to change.
I can feel God's presence all around me.

Bible verse, Devotional::: "Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful." -Hebrews 10:23

The weather::: Low 80s w some rain.

Right now at the Stoner house::: Evie is insisting on chewing on computer cords, Cora is drinking her milk while watching cartoons, I am looking at my calendar thankful that this week seems "slower" than the past couple weeks. Phew!

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - BLTs & homemade french fries
Tuesday - Butternut squash lasagna
Wednesday - Tacos
Thursday - Small group- dinner w friends

Today's To Do list:::
  • Swap out girls' summer clothes for warm, cozy fall clothes
  • Pay bills
  • Prepare for weekend trip to IN
  • Laundry
What I plan to cook for my freezer::: Broccoli tuna casserole from Taste of Home

Highlight of the past weekend::: Saturday we went to get pumpkins w the girls. :)

Looking forward to this week::: Cora's first dance class tonight & a benefit for Jenna on Saturday!

What Cora has to say::: "Mommy, you should ask God to put a baby boy in your tummy bc Evie is getting big. And we could name him Kinggy. And he could sleep in my baby's crib & I could change his diaper!"

From the camera::: A few fun pictures of Cora!
Helping me make applesauce

At my parents'

Sporting her "Jenna" shirt while helping me cook!

Friday, September 20

Worst Mommy Scare to Date!

A sticker just like this one produce my worst mommy scare to date!!!! 

Thursday morning I was getting ready for bible study, Cora was watching cartoons & Evie was w/i eye shot, playing on the floor. Suddenly, the noises Evie was making got my attention! I quickly realized she had a sticker in her mouth! It was actually hanging out of her mouth some, I promptly removed it only to realize there was another one in the back of her throat! I knew I would not be able to reach it w my finger so I didn't even try. She started gaging, producing excessive saliva, snot & tears & she was flailing her arms (all which happen during a chocking). I started to get worried & knew this was serious. I tried the Heimlich maneuver but that did not dislodge the soft sticker! She started to make almost no noise at all but just gaging motions. I was just shy of panicking & calling 911. But I could see she was breathing. I called out "Lord, give me the intuition to know what to do!!!!"
This went on for several minutes, although it seemed like a hour. Eventually, Ev started making more coughing noises & that got the sticker down. She started crying hard, I think because she was scared. I nursed her, she became calm and our scare was past us.
Cora witnessed this and was shaken too. I talked w her about picking up small pieces & keeping her bedroom door shut. We are both going to try harder :)

Taken a few hours after our scare. Thank You, LORD for being present w us & taking care of my most precious treasure.

Thursday, September 19

After Thoughts

Two & a half weeks have pasted since my new hair cut! Would you believe I can tell it has grown, others have noticed too! I now wake up with "bed head"! :)
I get ready a heck of a lot faster! Ken especially likes this!

I spend more time accessorizing: make-up, earrings, scarves etc.

The night my hair was cut; Cora was questioning why I cut off my "long, beautiful" hair, saying "all beautiful princesses have lonnng hair". I took that opportunity to try to teach her that beauty comes from within. Most of it was over her head but I got proof she grasped our conversation somewhat, when she told me she is beautiful when she shares.  

I have been able to tell Jenna's story to my friends & acquaintances when I am questioned about my "new haircut". 

I have received wayyyy too much praise, none of which I am worthy of! 

Can you tell it has grown?

Monday, September 16

Happy Homemaker Monday (9-16-13)

Bible verse, Devotional::: "Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not onto your own understandings; in all ways submit to Him, and He will make your path straight." -Proverbs 3:5-6

The weather::: Cool until Thursday when the high is 86.

On my reading pile::: The bible study I am in at church is in Proverbs but I am also in 1 Peter

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Tortellini in the crock pot
Tuesday - Swedish meatballs over egg noodles
Wednesday - Ken's birthday & he hasn't given me his request yet
Thursday - Dinner w our small group
Today's To Do list:::
  • grocery store, bank, Walgreen's
  • Start processing tomatoes & apples
  • Prepare for Pampered chef show this evening
My "project" of the week Month::: Garage sale this weekend. But other than that I am not really organizing a room this month.

What I plan to cook for my freezer::: tomato sauce & applesauce

Looking around the house::: Girls are on the floor playing, I've spent the early morning cleaning, It is cool here this morning & I love it!

Highlight of the past weekend::: Pumpkin festival w the girls

Looking forward to this week::: An IN trip!

What Cora has to say::: "Mommy, I am having a party in my room. I would be delighted if you came"
How could I turn that down?!?!?

From the camera:::
A day at the park

So big!

Cora meeting Cinderella

At the pumpkin parade. Cora would not smile! ARG!

Monday, September 9

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather::: Ah, looking forward to the cool down coming Friday :)

On my reading pile::: Being a Great Mom, Raising Great Kids by Sharon Jaynes

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Pork burgers & grilled veggies
Tuesday - Stuffed peppers
Wednesday - Stuffed shells
Thursday - Grilled chicken & veggies
Friday - White chicken chili (a new recipe from TOH)
Saturday - Braised beef & mushroom stew (a new recipe from TOH)
Sunday - Hot ham & Swiss paninis & creamy tomato soup

Today's To Do list:::
  • Errands- bank & grocery store
  • Laundry
  • Pampered Chef business
  • Thank yous
  • Gather more garage sale stuff. The 21st is sneaking up on me!!!!
What I plan to cook for my freezer::: Stuffed shells & mini muffins

Highlight of the past weekend::: Impromptu picnic at the park!

Looking forward to this week::: The Pumpkin festival parade Saturday morning. It has been a fun tradition w started w Cora. (But Shhh, don't tell any of my Morton friends I said this) :p

Bible verse, Devotional::: "But you, LORD, are a shield around me, the One who lifts my head high" -Psalms 3:3

From the camera::: 90 degrees, we improvised!

Friday, September 6

It's just Hair, afterall

" A friend loves at all times"- Proverbs 17:17

"Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes. 4 Rather, it should be that of your inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight." -1 Peter 3:3-4

"She is clothed with strength & dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future." -Proverbs 31:25

As many of you know in May my friend since kindergarten, Jenna, was diagnosed with breast cancer. (Yes, it can happen at 29!)  I felt almost immediately God tell me I was suppose to raise funds for her medical bills by shaving my head. I had a goal in mind of $1,000 (But honestly, I had every intention of shaving even if I only raised $5) God is good & from the generous hearts of his people just over $2000 was given to support Jenna.

Here is a shout out & Thank You to all the donors (In No particular order):::
Barb W, Karen L, Sandi H, Penny P, Amber H, Heather W, Libby L, Monica S, Rachel D, Jen D, Ruth N, Corey B, Thatcher family, Linday K, Debra D, Audrey K, Holly D, Christi Y, Jamie T, Leanne G, Ashley B, Jackie S, Summer H, Lisa S, Angie O, Tom D, Dillabaugh Inc, Trish M, Chris P.
A Special Thank You to those of you that do not know Jenna personally!

Labor Day was the scheduled hair cut day! Several family members & donors gathered at my mom & dad's place to watch the "show". It was a great day on their gazebo.

I have received so many encouraging words & praises that I am not worthy of. Afterall, it is just HAIR!

Obviously, before picture
Jenna cut off my ponytail!

I LOVE this picture! Mom's face & all the littles watching! So funny!

Kenny took his opportunity to get back at me for all the nagging I do at him ;)

My older brother, Tom, was dying to take a swipe!

With 2 of my 4 brothers. Mom said now that I have the same hair cut as them we really look alike!

The girls w our "Team Jenna" shirts

Thursday, September 5

2 on 2~ September

Sorry this is late! I was delayed w the holiday which is when this should have been posted. Then I could not get good pictures of the girls. I tried & tried wo much luck; as you'll see below! (We've been playing outside a lot lately! Girls play in the water & I sit under the shade of a big maple.)
I can't believe how much Evelyn has changed this month! She now crawls all over, room to room. Sits wo support. She got her 2 bottom teeth and bc those teeth popped through she is sleeping better. (Up about 1-2 times every night) She wants to eat any & everything I am eating. She also gave up her paci. Not sure why?!?! Ah, she is just a lil doll!

I am happy to report Cora has decided to stop biting her nails! Yay! She just told me one day she didn't want to do that anymore! She has also given up naps! At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about that! But honestly, it seems to work out pretty good, she is now tired & ready for bed around 7:30. So much better than her past 8:30-9 bedtime!