Monday, February 17

Happy Homemaker Monday (2-17-14)

Bible verse, Devotional::: From "Made to Crave"
"Food can fill our stomachs but never our Souls
Possessions can fill our houses but never our Hearts
Sex can fill our night buts never our hungry for Love
Children can fill our days but never our Identity"

The weather::: More snow today but then a warm up later in the week!

On my reading pile::: "Made to Crave" by Lysa TerKeust

On the menu for this week:::

  • BBQ chicken sandwiches
  • Mexican Lasagna
Cooking for the Freezer::: Individual meals for Ken's lunches, individual oatmeal & cookies- maybe whole wheat chocolate chip...
Tip/trick/useful information::: Wake before your kids! Whether you decide to just drink your coffee in silence or get started on your To Do list, I promise your day will start off on a better note!
Today's To Do list:::
  • Exercise class
  • Pay bills online
  • Vacuum
Posts I am working on::: Still working on the new site. Launch date expected March 1st. YAY!
Something you may not know about me::: I am scared of roller coaster and being home alone at night.
Highlight of the past weekend::: Dinner Friday night w Ken. Even though we were unhappy w the meal it was a great night. (Really enjoying having babysitters now)
Looking forward to this week::: The weekend :) Lots of fun things planned!!!
What Cora has to say::: While playing Peter Pan:
"Mae how come I have to be brother John all the time?""Well bc, Mom, I have long hair like Wendy but you have a boy's hair cut." 
HAHA, she's not always sweet as can be; although I believe her intentions were good :)

From the camera:::

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