Wednesday, October 13

Here I am again...

Uhhh, here I am again. Months later. Certain I was going to be better w this blog. Its a work in progress!
Here's the latest w/ the Stoners:
~We recently started attending a new church, New Life in Morton. Wow its been great. We've known for some time that we needed to leave our old church it just took time for it to happen. Well it did and we are so happy. Everyone we've met so far has been so welcoming, friendly and interesting. Its amazing how God truly hears our prayers & acts on our behalf! Our new house is coming along. Feeling very homey :)
~ Kenny recently took a new position. Still at CAT but a different plant. Day shift, thank Goodness. We are thankful for such opportunities.
~Me, Ive been busy recently. Started attending woman's bible study at New Life. We are doing a Beth Moore study, Breaking Free, its great! I also started attending a Mom's group through the church. We do fun things like have speakers and go on fun outings. (Pictures posted on FB) I am loving this whole stay at home mom job. Its great. Spending all day w Sweet Pea is so much fun. Our days are filled w errands, cleaning and cooking. Oh yes, I'm still cooking. This week on the menu: Butternut squash Risotto, Chicken quesadillas & Tamale pie...just to name a few! I plan on sharing pictures & recipes w you all soon....
~Sweet Pea is growing and changing every day. She recently got her 1st tooth. It bothered her some & we had some sleepless nights. She also has had reactions to dairy :( Total bummer. We have to do more testing to find out how serious. We will consider ourselves blessed if a dairy allergy is the worst of her health.
Love until next time.....

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