Tuesday, February 22

terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

my day started off tired. i tossed and turned all night and im not sure why.
on my way to the grocery store i fell on ice in my driveway, brusing my left knee and hip
i went to kroger, unusal for me, and was highly irriated bc i didnt know where things were
i have been taking bailey out on a leash to go potty and she is being shy and wont go! resulting in multiple trips outside in the cold/rain
went to bradley university and drove around for 15 min. looking for a parking spot
donated blood for the red cross, which wasnt a bad experience in general but not fun either
traffic was bad on my way home and a woman almost hit me, construction and pot holes-arg
forgot to get an ingrediant at the grocery store for dinner. again frustrating me about going to a different store
i got very dizzy and nausea and passed out in the kitchen

Even on our terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days Jesus can show us how blessed we still are. Jesus was w me today and I am so Thankful! Here is what he reminded me of on my very bad day:

Sweet Pea slept through the night!
I was holding Sweet Pea and somehow managed not to drop or even bump her!
I got great sales and spent just under my weekly budget!
Bailey is a sweet dog that protects and loves me!
I have a car to drive!
I saved a life and am healthy enough to donate blood!
The woman didn't hit me!
I had enough ingrediants to make a wonderful meal, Italian wedding soup!
Kenny happened to be home early, before 5, and was there to take care of me and Sweet Pea, who was napping! And it was most likely because of donating blood and nothing more serious!

Tomorrw is going to be a blessed, beautiful, wonderful Christ filled day!!!!


  1. Sorry about today. You have such a good attitude & are a blessing to so many.

  2. It will be a great day especially with your take on the day! It is so important to look at the bright side.

  3. Great post Julie! And So true! Only Christ can make us content in any and every circumstance!