Wednesday, April 6

12 month check up

I can't believe she is 1 year old. The year went fast and gave me the best memories. She is such a good baby. I am blessed. She is now sleeping through the night, napping well & almost walking!

Last week I took her to her 12 month check up! Yet again she weighed in puny, 16lbs 4oz= 5th percentile! She had actually lost a few ounces since her last appointment in mid- February when I took her in for an ear infection. Her doctor is not super worried about her but did schedule a recheck in 1 month to make sure she doesn't lose anymore weight. I don't understand because she eats A LOT! I guess she is burning it off fast though. She refuses milk and juice. I have warmed it, not warmed it, added chocolate and even bought totally different sippy cups. Nothing seems to make her want to drink anything other than water! Her dairy sensitivity is LONG gone, thank the Lord! Kenny & I have started Operation fatten the Baby Up. To get some fat into her I give her yogurt, cheese and even ice cream- shhhhh :) Any other tips would be greatly appreciated.

So now we start another year with her. I'm hopeful it will be as blessed and amazing as the first. WE LOVE YOU MAEMAE!!


  1. She is SO precious and perfect in every way :) 5th percentile or not!!! I love my little lambchop!!! xoxo Chels

  2. Awwww, Happy Belated Birthday to your sweet little girl! Some kids just are 5th percentile, and there is absolutely no problem with that. What percentage is she for height? I do think it is good that your dr. scheduled another appointment, but I bet she will be just fine.