Tuesday, December 6

And the Winners Are:

My 2nd Give Away has come and gone!

Thank you to all that visited my blog and voted! 2- $10 Target gift cards recieved the most votes by a lot- So we have 2 winners this time! I entered each of your names into and the top 2 names are my winners- Megan Fetters & Liz Bradley! Congratulations!

I'm not sure when the next Give Away will be. So stay tuned...

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  1. Julie,

    I looked at your blog and read how you coupon. Since I am starting grad school in a few weeks I decided I should give couponing a try since I need to save every possible penny. After about an hour on the computer and browsing a couponing101 website I headed to the store. I can't believe it but I saved $15.95 on my first attempt!!! I am quite excited and any tips you may have send them my way!!! Tell Ken I said hi!!