Monday, March 19

Happy Homemaker Monday

Sorry that I have been missing the past few weeks. I seemed to be busier than normal and tired, click here to see why. Not to mention the temperatures have been in the 80s and I have had no desire to be at my computer. Mae and I have been walking and to the park everyday single day. I'm back today and that's ALL I can promise ;)

The Weather::: Beautiful! 80-70s w/ rain 2 days

On my reading pile::: The Jonah series finished up last week and now this week starts "Knowing God by Name" by Mary A. Kassian

On my TV::: Nothing at the moment!

On the menu for this week::: This weather has me grilling just about everyday! Love it!
Monday - Veggie burgers & Sweet potato fries
Tuesday - Salmon cakes & roasted asparagus
Wednesday - Coconut curry beef over rice
Thursday-  Grilled steaks & loaded baked potato salad

On my to do list::: LAUNDRY, ick! Grocery store, make homemade biscuits for Mom's Life tomorrow and a walk/park time with MaeMae!

What I am creating::: From my aunt who blogs over at  I am making homemade frappes :)

Looking around the house::: Mae & Bailey sleeping, Ken at work, a few dishes in the sink, coffee steaming next to me, windows open & it just started thundering & raining... It's a beautiful day

From the camera::: Oh I wish I had pictures of all the flowers in bloom here! Daffodils, Tulip trees, Iris-- AHHHH I just LOVE spring!

Something fun to share::: This is my last week w/ a 1 year old :(
Next Tuesday my "baby" turns 2!

On my prayer list:: You all know who you are

Bible verse, Devotional::: "Do you have good reason to be angry?" Jonah 4:4

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