Wednesday, September 5

2 on 2

I follow a blog where on the 9th of every month she posts a picture and a quick update of her 9 kids. And she titles it "9 o 9". Get it? 9 kids on the 9th?

Ok so here goes: This post is called 2 on 2 because Yes, that is correct, I am expecting my 2nd child. My apologies for not posting this on the 2nd of September. (I tell ya, holiday weekends will throw even the most organized person off their game.) I wanted to share our exciting news today because it happens to be a big milestone= 20 weeks aka Halfway!!!

Since I have not been extremely vocal about my news and there is no hiding the baby growing inside of me anymore friends, family, neighbors see me and instantly ask about my pregnancy. Here are the most FAQ:
1. Due date: January 23rd
2. Gender: we are not finding out (we found out w/ Cora but are patiently waiting until  this baby's birthday)
3. Is this pregnancy like my first? Do I think its another girl: This pregnancy is very different but a lot of similarities too. I am leaning towards boy but I've had 2 dreams this week it was a girl! I will be estactic either way.
4. Does Cora understand: Yes, more than I ever would have thought. She hugs, kisses, sings, reads and talks to the baby. She is also well aware that she is going to be a Big Sister.
5. Was this planned: Really? You just asked me that? I find that odd. But YES, this was planned. We waited on the Lord, he heard our cries & blessed us!
6. How am I feeling: I feel great now....NOW! My early weeks were rough & that my friends is why I was missing all summer long. I was sick and not cooking at all. We were surviving on pb&j and frozen ravioli. See no recipes to post. I had no energy to do coupons and thus my savings plummeted. Simply looking at my computer screen gave me headaches and made me nauseous. But I am back & ready to blog until say mid January when I'm certain I'll be taking another break :)

Here are my 2 babies on September 2nd:


  1. i love it! 2 on 2. cora is so stinking cute and that baby belly ;)
    love your Q&A ;)