Tuesday, September 4

Happy Homemaker Monday~ Back from Hiatus

My apologies but I am back from my unwarned & unexplained hiatus! And even though it is Not Monday I decided to come back w/ a "Happy Homemaker Monday" post.
I hope you all had a fantastic summer- I most certainly did...
Stay tuned...

The weather::: Mid 80s all week w/ slight chance of rain Wed. & Thurs.

On my reading pile::: Finished Proverbs (Proverbs has 31 chapters...I've been reading 1 chapter a day for the month of August) Now I am starting James b/c my woman's bible study will be studying it coming later in September.

On my TV::: Nothing, its like 5:45am!

On the menu for this week:::
Tuesday - Ham & egg casserole
Wednesday- Inside out eggroll
Thursday - Chicken in tomato-basil cream sauce (from Healthy cooking magazine. I made this last week & we loved it! So it is on the menu again this week bc it uses tomatoes & basil from my garden)
Friday - Tacos
Saturday - Pot roast & this crusty bread!
Sunday - Corn chowder

On my to do list::: Get to the license branch to renew plates. Ooops I forgot to renew and drove around all weekend on expired plates! Also, grocery shopping + a stop at the bank.

My "project" of the week::: Attempt to organize office/extra bedroom. UGH the thought makes me wanna take a nap. I need someone from HGTV to come help me :/

What I am creating this week::: Laundry soap, Bread crumbs and hopefully canning some tomatoes

Looking around the house::: Looks pretty good. I spent yesterday catching up on house chores.

Highlight of the past weekend::: 3 day weekend w/ Ken. We love having him around. I cooked a lot & he got a few "projects" done.

Looking forward to this week::: Friday ;)

Bible verse, Devotional::: From my bible reading this morning: "...Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry"- James 1:19

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