Monday, February 7

Biscuits & Gravy, Julified WINS the most votes!

I took a classic breakfast, Biscuits & Gravy and made a few changes to cut some fat and calories. I know many of you will say "If I'm going to eat B&G I might as well go all out!" Although I agree with this way of thinking sometimes; I tried to come up with a version of B&G that has so much flavor you can enjoy them often and not feel so guilty about it! My mom was here when I made these and she said "They were so good! I wasn't sure if they would have the flavor that "bad for you" biscuits & gravy have. Sure did, yummy!" Trust me, she would have let me know if she didn't like them :) So here is the recipe-try them out and let me know your review! Honestly, I'd love to hear it!
Sorry, but I do not have any pictures of this recipe! Saturday morning, when I made this, Tamale pie was wining by quite a bit that I didn't think I need to snap photos :( Sorry!

Biscuits: Makes 10 biscuits
1/3 c. butter, softened
1 c. whole wheat flour
3/4 c. AP flour + more for dusting
1 tsp. salt
2 1/2 tsp. baking powder
3/4 c. skim milk

-Preheat oven to 450
-Combine all dry ingredients into large bowl and cut in butter w pastry blender until mixture is course and crumbly
-Pour in milk all at once and stir just until combined. Form into a ball
-Turn out onto lightly floured surface. Roll until about 1/2 inch thick
-Cut out biscuits using aprox. 1in cookie/biscuit cutter (I rerolled dough 1x)
-Bake for 10min. or until tops are golden brown

Nutrition Information for Julified Biscuits: 1 biscuit = 3 WW pts
Cal: 141
Fat: 7g
Carbs: 17g
Fiber: 2g
Nutrition Information for Regular Biscuits: 1 biscuit = 4 WW pts
Cal: 159
Fat: 8g
Carbs: 18g
Fiber: 1g

1 lb. turkey sausage
1 tbsp olive oil ( I had to add this bc I didn't get enough grease to make a rue)
2 tbsp. flour
1 c. fat free half & half
1/2 c. skim milk
spices: pepper, sage, crushed red pepper flakes, smoked paprika and thyme. Add as much or little to your liking. This is how I added flavor to copy regular B&G.

1. In a large skillet over medium heat add spices to turkey sausage and cook through.
2. Remove sausage or move to side of skillet and add olive oil and flour. Cook rue for 2minutes.
3. Whisk in half & half and milk.
4. Bring to a slight simmer or until gravy thickens, about 5minutes!
5. Add more pepper to taste

Nutrtional Information for Julified gravy:  1/4c.= serving 2 WW pts
Cal: 86g
Fat: 4g
Carbs: 1g
Fiber: 0g
Nutritional Information for regular gravy: 1/4c.= serving 3 WW pts
Cal: 128
Fat: 10g
Carbs: 1 g
Fiber: 1g

I was happy to see how much fat and the WW points I was able to cut out. Keep in mind, I obtained nutritional information for 1 biscuit and 1/4c. gravy. An average serving of B&G would be 2 biscuits and 1/2c. gravy! So, instead of 14pts I cut it down to 10pts total!

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  1. WHOOHOO! This is what I voted for. :) Julie made these for breakfast on Saturday so, I was lucky enough to get a taste test. Wasn't sure if I would like the changes,. I thought that you might be giving up flavor on this "Julified" makeover. Boy was I wrong! It was very flavorful & filling. Kenny & Julie took me out for a late lunch before I headed home & I was still so full I couldn't finish it. I will definately use this recipe. Thanks Julie!