Wednesday, March 9

Mother's Intuition

There is nothing like the LOVE from my baby!!! Last night she woke crying. I laid there thinking "She'll go back to sleep. I can't go in there, she'll want to nurse!!! (On top of trying to get her sleeping through the night I'm also weaning her) If I go in there I'll ruin all these nights that I've been working on. She was doing so good. What do I do? What do I do??" Yes, I really do lay thinking all that....

But her crying continued and got louder. It makes me so sad to hear her cry like that. I couldn't handle it. I decided if I had to nurse her, Oh well. We'd start over tomorrow w the weaning process!
So I went to her rescue. She was so relieved that I FINALLY came. I scooped her up and she melted onto me. She had moany cry which I know means she is in pain. She also kept touching her mouth and then would cry louder! I think she is getting a tooth on top of a pesky cold!  She just needed to be consoled. She just stared up at me.Would you believe she DID NOT want to nurse? I was shocked!  As I rocked her, I started to feel a lil guilty for not getting her sooner. I know I know, she won't remember any of it. I have always put so much pressure on myself to do things "RIGHT" and not to start "BAD" habits w her. Some days the "cry it out" method works for us (Recently, I've let her cry several nights and it works. She falls asleep wi 10 minutes usually) But nights like last night prove to me that a Mother's intuition is correct! I somehow knew she needed me as opposed to just wanting me!
Disclaimer: I know w #s 2,3,4,5,6 etc. things might be different. But right now- She is my 1 and only. I have ALL the time in the world for her ;)


  1. aww that is sweet. i can totally picture her staring up at you! mwah! sometimes you just gotta do it. you seem to have a pretty good balance! btw, 2,3...6!!! :)
    oh, and what about:

  2. Sounds precious! I know all those battles of do you let them cry or do they really need you. I agree with you that when you have more it might be different but right now you just have one so breath in every minute of it because it flies by and it was my favorite time!

  3. I think it is great that you listened to your intuition. We do have to teach our children to sleep on their own, be able to put themselves back to sleep if they wake, etc., but sometimes we have to just be there for them too. You are an awesome mommy! :-)

  4. awww, sweet pea is so lucky to have you as her momma:)