Friday, March 4

This is our Weekend

Friday: Today I really really wanted to go on a walk w Sweet Pea & Bailey. It's suppose to be 63 degrees but also rain rain rain, all day long :( Yesterday, we went walking for 1 hour it was so fun. Grandview Dr. is beautiful! So instead, we will probably stay inside all day. I'll clean, catch up on laundry and make dinner (tuna cakes and roasted brussel sprouts). Don't forget to VOTE for the recipe you want me to share....
Saturday: Ken has studying to do at the library bc midterms are next week for him. Baby and I are going to make a test cake for her 1st birthday....Ahhh, NO! Wait, I'm sooo not ready for her to be 1 :(
And the high temp is only suppose to be 36!! What? 63 on Friday and then 36 on Saturday? So I'm making a big batch of chicken and dumplings! Ken will be happy to come home from a day of studying to his favorite, soup! Ken is such a big fan of soup, he'd be happy if I made soup EVERY single day. Saturday evening will probably consist of Netflixs and popcorn :)
Sunday: We'll go to Church, of course! I am going to test another recipe for Miss Mae's 1st birthday! Hoping it turns out great because I'm excited to make it for others at her party. It seems every Sunday we are lazy. Don't do much....just the way we like it!

Not really an eventful weekend but perfect for us :) Have a blessed weekend!

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