Friday, March 4

My baby is a Mommy!

My Great Aunt gave MaeMae this baby doll at Christmas. She LOVES this baby. It makes a couple sounds and says "Mama". Mae giggles every time. She holds this baby and kisses it. She puts it over her shoulder and pats her back. Its so sweet! Yesterday, MaeMae was playing on the floor and started yelling and whining. I looked to see what was wrong and she could see this baby in her pac-n-play but couldn't get her. So she was hollering for her baby. She was thrilled when I reunited her w her baby!
 Thanks Aunt Pat for this baby :)


  1. So sweet! What a good mommy to not want her baby too far from her. ;-)

  2. Oh my goodness, these are precious! I remember Brianna holding her baby dolls carefully -looking over at me holding Lewis, and then positioning her dolls in the same way : ) -Deidre

  3. How adorable! You must be modeling the mommy thing well :)

  4. Love seeing her play Mommy. It is so cute.