Tuesday, August 9

Bye Bye Paci!

Last week while I was staying at my Mom's for a week I decided to break off the marriage of MaeMae & paci!
Some of you will say "What? Already? She's only 16 months!" Others are saying "What? She still was using one at 16 months?!?!"
Ahhh, the pacifier war is a huge debate among mothers.  I don't really have much of an opinion except I loved the job it did :) Just before 9 months paci was forbiden to come out of her crib. I knew I wanted to start limiting it and she didn't even notice it gone. Around 12 months I thought I'd take it away but I didn't even try, I just couldn't! I was reliant on how fast it put her to sleep. I would give paci to her and immediately her eyes would become heavy and she fell asleep. I wasn't ready to give up several nights of sleep for both of us!
A couple months ago I noticed she'd fall asleep with out in the car and at grandma's. I knew she didn't really need it anymore. This realization kind of made me sad~ one more milestone that proves she isn't a baby anymore :( I knew while out of town would be a good time to wean her of paci. I was certain I would get little or no sleep. I prepared myself for the worst, but I tell you my lil girl is the BEST BABY IN THE WORLD! Every single night she went to bed about 2 hours later than normal, totally wore out from playing with cousins, and didn't cry at all! I'd put her to bed and she was asleep before I could leave the room. She didn't even miss her best friend. She did just fine! Weaning paci, like everything else with this child has been a so easy. I'm so lucky! Love you, MaeMae!

A few pictures of remembrance:

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