Monday, August 8

My week in Indiana

I spent a week in IN helping my mom and mother-in-law preserve the yields from their gardens. I feel like I accomplished a lot and learned even more~

Saturday= Arrived in town and got right to work--- Froze 39 quart size bags of sweet corn at Stoners.
Sunday= Froze 18 (estimate) quart bags of sweet corn for my mom. And another 42 quart bags at the Stoners. 3 bags of frozen carrots. (All the work done by Jackie but I got to reap the benefits) And we dug up potatoes in the Stoner garden.
Monday= Canned 14 pints of beets with my mother
Tuesday= Canned 14 quarts of potatoes with Jackie
Wednesday= We took the day off and went to Shipshewana! It was so fun! The only pictures I have of the week are from Wednesday, check them out on FB! I loved the bulk store, E & S. I got so many spices and cooking staples at a considerably lower price!  I was in heaven!
Thursday= Froze 25 lbs. blueberries and made 3 cups of pesto that I froze. I also dried basil in my dehydrator but it did not add up to much--Maybe 1/3 cup?
Friday= Packed up and headed back to Peoria.
Disclaimer: I did not bring all this back to Peoria w me!!! Ken about died b/c he thought I brought back 81 bags of corn! Ha, no---this is just what we accomplished!
I think I could have stayed another week and still been kept busy! I really need to go back when my two favorite woman are canning tomatoes, salsa, applesauce and apple butter. We'll have to see what Ken has to say about me going back.......
I also managed to get in some fun time= I saw several of my aunts, had lunch at my grandma's, spent the day with my best friend, multiple lunches at Culvers with only 2 of my many SIL, shopped some with Mom and attended a visitation for a friend who lost her father in law tragically. It was heart breaking--but oh so good to see her! Continuing to Pray, Lizzy!
And would you believe now at home my work continues? Yesterday, I made a huge batch of homemade Frappuccino that is able to be frozen for later use {Thanks Aunt Sharon- check out her BLOG HERE!). Today, I am making homemade bread crumbs. And tomorrow I plan on making homemade yogurt!!! At this rate I won't have to go to the store until February :)

Do you can, freeze or preserve? Leave me your useful tips!

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  1. Don't forget... you also had lunch at Grandma D's...and got to see your Aunt Shar! :)