Friday, September 16

Friday's Freezer Friendly Food~ A peek inside my freezer!

This week is a simple post on things I commonly freeze. Some are pretty obvious to most- other items you might be surprised by. I often buy items that are on sale and freeze them. Examples: cheese, bread, milk, coffee....
Two things in my freezer right now are All purpose flour and corn meal. In late July, while I was visiting IN we took a day trip to Shipsewana. We stopped at a bulk food store and two of the many items purchased were 25 lb. All purpose flour and corn meal. Now I won't have to buy either for a year!

I just pictured my upright. I also have a chest freezer and of course the one with my fridge!
See my peaches and zucchini?
Items normally in my freezer but not pictured for various reasons:
-Meat (all meat goes in my chest freezer)
-Jam (all jam is in my refrigerator freezer)
-Homemade chicken broth
-Homemade bread crumbs
-Homemade yogurt
-Cream cheese

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