Thursday, September 1

And the 1st give away Winner is----

Thank you to all who voted on a new name for this blog! Your opinions matter to me! I love all the advice that has been given to me thus far. Diary of a Homemaker won! I am glad and love that name too.(A HUGE thank you to Liz Bradley ;)  Watch for more changes to come here as I roll with the new name!

My next give away will be held when I reach $1,000 worth of savings from using coupons! As I have mentioned before, I am keeping a spread sheet of every penny that I save by using coupons. My guess of when I'll reach $1,000 is mid- November! The prize and details are not finalized for that give away so please stay tuned!

Now to the BIG NEWS:

I used to randomly select the winner. Since I only had 1 gift card to give away #1 wins. Which was RACHEL DILLABAUGH! Congratulations! Rachel is actually my sister that lives in OH! Ironically, I am going to be seeing her this weekend. So I get to deliver the gift card in person :)

Thanks again for voting and playing. It has been a great joy to watch this blog grow over the past several months. Much more to come..........

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