Thursday, September 22

Mae's 18 month check up

Last Monday I took Mae for her routine 18 month check up (2 weeks early, since she won't be 18 mo. until next Tuesday).
  • She has grown some, now in the 10th percentile for weight at 19lbs!
  • She had to get 2 shots at 2 separate times because the nurse forgot 1 dose! :( I felt so bad for lil Mae. When she saw the nurse came in the second time she starting crying because she knew...and those crumby shots made her sick that evening. She came down with a slight fever and the chills. (But nothing that Tylenol, rocking and sleep couldn't fix.)
  • The hardest part of the appointment was when the doctor told me MaeMae had a heart murmur and I needed to see a pediatric cardiologist! I wasn't overly worried but was more than willing to have her checked out.
  • So the next day, Tuesday, we had to go to another appointment for a chest Xray. Picture this: she sat on a bicycle type seat, a big plastic tube came around her chest and her arms were raised above her head. She was screaming "Mommmmmy" Thankfully, it didn't take long and they got good pictures.
  • Chest Xray from Tuesday! Aren't her lil bones the cutest?
  • The third day, Wednesday, we went to see the pediatric cardiologist. When her name got called and she saw the nurse she started crying. She had just about had it with nurses and doctors. Praise the LORD this doctor did not hear a murmur! Since she is a specialist she mentioned to me that often times children with extra thumbs can also have heart defects. (It's a pure miracle how we are formed in the womb) So she ordered one last test, an echo cardiogram, which is an ultrasound of the heart. Scheduled the following Wednesday.
  • By Thursday, MaeMae and I were both woren out and tired of running around. We didn't do anything except walk down to the park 1 block away. We passed on a few get togethers and stayed home! It was fantastic! We also had a great weekend celebrating Kenny's birthday.
  • Celebrating Dad's birthday at the Pumpkin festival!
  • So now it's Wednesday the day of the ECHO. She did great considering she couldn't have anything but apple juice past midnight. What a crazy week---Glad it's over---Praising the Lord for my beautiful baby girl's precious heart! Just as I thought, her heart is healthy and perfect. Made of pure Gold ;)


  1. Wow Julie, you did have a busy week! I went through the heart murmur thing with Ali when she was little. I wasn't as calm as you. lol I remember being all freaked out, but thankfully it was nothing. Hope this week has been less busy for you. :-)

  2. Praising God for MaeMae's healthy heart.

  3. So glad to hear that her heart is perfect just like the rest of her.

    And I love your header for your blog! Looks great! :)