Tuesday, November 22

A Christmas Tradition

When Ken & I celebrated our 1st Christmas together we started the tradition of a fondue dinner while we put up our tree. We have always done this the first weekend in December. For some reason Ken started asking "Hey, when do we put up our tree?" or "I think we should put our tree up early this year!" I'm certain he just wanted fondue :) In years past it was more elaborate- a high quality cheese & wine fondue, crab legs on the side and a chocolate fondue w/ all sorts of dippers. This year I kept it a lil more simple but just as tasty and it was even more fun w/ MaeMae.

Marinara fondue w/ meatballs, fresh mozzarella balls and bread as dippers.

MaeMae didn't quite know how to fondue. She ended up asking for a spoon and ate it like soup!
Who doesn't LOVE bubble wrap?

Haha, Ken & Kenny Jr.
Putting up her "Baby's first ornament"

Angel w/ Dad

She loves all the "balls" on the tree
All the previous pictures are cute but, Haha, this is real life!

Forcing Bailey into the Christmas spirit

Chocolate fondue time! A tart raspberry!

Ut, oh. Getting goofy!

Isn't she a lil doll?

Cracking up w/ Dad

Fondue fun is over---until next year.


  1. What a fun tradition! Mae Mae is always. ;-)

  2. so precious as usual, cant wait to get my hands on her! christmas will be so fun this year!