Thursday, November 10

Drivin' my grocery cart like a maniac

My next giveaway will be Soon, because of my adventurous shopping trip Tuesday! I promised when I reached $1,000 in COUPON savings alone I would host another giveaway. {This is not including price matching at Wal-Mart, 15% Caterpillar discount, Walgreen's store coupons or any store's sales. I would certainly have been over $1,000 saved by now} This winner MUST be a follower of my blog. So please sign up to follow and wait for more information.

My "adventurous" trip was actually not extreme. I did not clear the shelves by buying 20+ of an item. You would never call me an "Extreme Couponer". But this trip was more than I usually plan for 1 day. 3 stores and the bank. Also, I had planned to spend $100 even after coupons and sales, which is more than I spend on our weekly groceries. So many items were at very low prices that I wanted to stock up for later use. It makes so much more sense to buy at a super cheap price and store it than waiting until I am out of an item and it's back to regular price. 

 I only had Tuesday to get all my errands done, so I decided to cram it all in!

I said a quick prayer and was on my way....

MaeMae was a doll baby! I packed her a snack and gave her my attention when she wanted to point out every single baby that zoomed by in shopping carts. I tried to entertain her by being silly and driving our cart like a maniac. {Yes, I got some looks...}

Every coupon worked correctly-That usually doesn't happen!

I got friendly, helpful cashiers-Strange occurrence!

Every single item and the number I needed was in stock at ALL 3 stores-Now that's amazing!

All of THIS went into my stock pile. {My regular weekly groceries are not pictured} I spent about $25-$30 on all this. 
-Organic chicken breasts for  less than $1 per breast!!!
-Smart Ones frozen meals for .95 each!!!
-Cheese It crackers for $1.01 each!!! {Thanks, Meg}
-Cheerios for FREE
-Annie's mac n cheese for .19 a box!!!
-Sugar for .34 per pound

Ok, I'll stop but as you can see I scored some great deals! :)

P.S.--On December 20th myself & 3 other woman will be giving a FREE "Tips & Tricks" session at a Mom's Group in Morton. Contact me for more information.

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