Saturday, March 2

2 on 2~March

Here is my first offical 2 on 2 post= An update on my 2 kids on the 2nd of the month! Yay!

Miss Cora Mae is almost 3 (end of March). She is aware her birthday is coming up & is asking for princess things! So girly :) She is also very excited for our Florida trip. Even though she has never been she knows she wants to go! Ha! She can now recognize her name & knows those 4 letters and we are continuing with the others! She absolutely loves her baby sister & is a bigger help to me than I imagined.

Evelyn is 6 weeks old!! (Wow, that's hard for me to believe) She now smiles, usually at Cora and has out grown her newborn clothes. I'm not sure what she weighs b/c our next doctor visit isn't until mid March. She is sleeping better but every evening she gets crabby & cries for a few hours before finally giving up & falling asleep. Then she gives me a good 4-5 hour sleep before waking to eat. The rest of the night she goes back to eating every 2 hours. One of her favorite past times is creating diaper blow outs for me to clean up :)

I feel so blessed that my maker has trusted me with such treasures.

Pictures taken by me! Hats made by Teresa, a woman from church. Pink blanket made by my sister- in- law, Michelle!

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