Monday, March 18

St. Patrick's Day Fun

We had some St. Patrick's Day fun here yesterday. Even though it isn't necessarily my favorite  holiday I wanted to make a fun day for Mae. (I had fun too:))

She helped me make green pancakes-Something I remember my mom doing!

She thought green pancakes were sooo fun! And she ate 2.5!!

Ev had a good St. Patty's Day too! (I just realized I didn't get a picture of Mae in her outfit. ooops)

We made rainbow cupcakes! It was kind of tedious but worth the excitement in Mae. As I filled the cupcake liners she told me what color to use next, licked the spoons & then asked for this picture to be taken :)  

My plan was to do a cake from scratch (which is what I always do bc I do not really like that distinct taste a box cake has) but then I saw this at Walmart & I knew I would be trying to pack Sunday so we gave it a try. It was great! It really doesn't taste like a box mix! And since these cupcakes were just for fun for Mae this mix worked perfect. Try one!

Cute huh? But next time I think I would just do it as a cake. B/c like I said splitting the batter up to color it and then 12 times for each cupcake was a little tedious!
We finished the day of the Irish w/ Shepard's pie. Mae loves this dinner so it worked perfectly!

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