Wednesday, March 6

Pinterest Project- St. Patrick's Day clovers

We attempted 2 more crafts thanks to Pinterest & especially this site. But I didn't think either turned out that great. But I wanted to share b/c older kids could easily do these. The first is suppose to be a 4 leave clover for St. Patrick's Day. To be honest it probably is a good craft & I just didn't conduct it well. Cora had a good time b/c after 3 attempts to get a good looking clover I just turned her loose w/ the paint :)

The second craft is also a clover. The end result was cute but really I was the one who did the whole craft. Cora was too young to really cut, shape & staple it. But she did like running around w/ them after & passing them out to her babies.


Happy St. Patrick's Day! Next week I plan on making a few different recipes from the above link to celebrate the day of GREEN!

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