Tuesday, June 4

!!!Give Away!!!

This is my 250th blog post! I have enjoyed using this outlet to share my daily life with you over the past few years. It has been awhile since I've hosted a give away so I thought 250 posts was the perfect reason!

1. Comment HERE, on this post, what your favorite topic is that I blog about.
    Examples: recipes, updates on my girls, Pinterest inspirations, 30 by 30 etc. (Please be sure your first & last name appear!!! I know several Megans, Jens etc.)
2. The most recent give away winner, Aubrey Deyoung can't win again. Sorry! But feel free to comment :)
3. I will use to pick the winner on Friday June 7th at 9:00am.
4. Prize is a $5 gift card to Starbucks- in hopes that you'll grab an iced green tea latte & read my blog ;)


  1. Well, I of course love the pictures of the girls but, I use your recipes all the time. Sometimes when I don't know what to make I check out what you have on your list or I remember that you had a recipe that I want to try. Your recipes are always good!

  2. My fav is your recipes! Edy and I made your Key Lime Cookies last night :) Yummy!
    ~Jen Dillabaugh

  3. my fav would have to be the recipes. i love to bake and cook and im always on the lookout for new ones to try. so keep them coming! :)
    jen ilic