Thursday, September 5

2 on 2~ September

Sorry this is late! I was delayed w the holiday which is when this should have been posted. Then I could not get good pictures of the girls. I tried & tried wo much luck; as you'll see below! (We've been playing outside a lot lately! Girls play in the water & I sit under the shade of a big maple.)
I can't believe how much Evelyn has changed this month! She now crawls all over, room to room. Sits wo support. She got her 2 bottom teeth and bc those teeth popped through she is sleeping better. (Up about 1-2 times every night) She wants to eat any & everything I am eating. She also gave up her paci. Not sure why?!?! Ah, she is just a lil doll!

I am happy to report Cora has decided to stop biting her nails! Yay! She just told me one day she didn't want to do that anymore! She has also given up naps! At first, I wasn't sure how I felt about that! But honestly, it seems to work out pretty good, she is now tired & ready for bed around 7:30. So much better than her past 8:30-9 bedtime! 

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