Thursday, September 19

After Thoughts

Two & a half weeks have pasted since my new hair cut! Would you believe I can tell it has grown, others have noticed too! I now wake up with "bed head"! :)
I get ready a heck of a lot faster! Ken especially likes this!

I spend more time accessorizing: make-up, earrings, scarves etc.

The night my hair was cut; Cora was questioning why I cut off my "long, beautiful" hair, saying "all beautiful princesses have lonnng hair". I took that opportunity to try to teach her that beauty comes from within. Most of it was over her head but I got proof she grasped our conversation somewhat, when she told me she is beautiful when she shares.  

I have been able to tell Jenna's story to my friends & acquaintances when I am questioned about my "new haircut". 

I have received wayyyy too much praise, none of which I am worthy of! 

Can you tell it has grown?

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