Friday, September 20

Worst Mommy Scare to Date!

A sticker just like this one produce my worst mommy scare to date!!!! 

Thursday morning I was getting ready for bible study, Cora was watching cartoons & Evie was w/i eye shot, playing on the floor. Suddenly, the noises Evie was making got my attention! I quickly realized she had a sticker in her mouth! It was actually hanging out of her mouth some, I promptly removed it only to realize there was another one in the back of her throat! I knew I would not be able to reach it w my finger so I didn't even try. She started gaging, producing excessive saliva, snot & tears & she was flailing her arms (all which happen during a chocking). I started to get worried & knew this was serious. I tried the Heimlich maneuver but that did not dislodge the soft sticker! She started to make almost no noise at all but just gaging motions. I was just shy of panicking & calling 911. But I could see she was breathing. I called out "Lord, give me the intuition to know what to do!!!!"
This went on for several minutes, although it seemed like a hour. Eventually, Ev started making more coughing noises & that got the sticker down. She started crying hard, I think because she was scared. I nursed her, she became calm and our scare was past us.
Cora witnessed this and was shaken too. I talked w her about picking up small pieces & keeping her bedroom door shut. We are both going to try harder :)

Taken a few hours after our scare. Thank You, LORD for being present w us & taking care of my most precious treasure.