Monday, June 13

Ken's Favorite Summer Salad wins, Check Back later!

Kenny's favorite salad won the most votes last week. It's delicious! I was hoping to make it on a hot day to get some relief from cooking. But of course, its suppose to be in the 70's and rainy all week. I plan on making it for lunch tomorrow!
Also, this week my niece and I are helping w/ my church's VBS in the evenings! I purposely planned crock pot meals so Kenny could fed for himself, which got me thinking........Last week I used my crock pot 3 different nights. I realized how much I love crock pot cooking, especially on HOT summer days. I'm able to prepare the meal in the morning and leave it all day to cook. My house doesn't get hot and I'm not forced to grill in 90+ degree heat. Hoping that you'd enjoy the relief too- the poll this week is ALL crock pot meals. So vote!!!

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