Friday, June 24

My Grandma Haggerty

Today, I was reminded that it is the 10th anniversary since my Grandma Haggerty's death. Part of me feels like she's been gone a lot longer because I think of all she has missed~ The high school graduations of 2 of her grand kids and the marriages of 4. The birth of 13 great grandchildren! Too many holidays and countless parties on the Gazebo at Mom's.
Yet the other part of me feels like she hasn't been gone very long because her memory is still so alive in me. I swear I can still smell the smell of her home, I can taste her sour cream apple, french silk and key lime pies (my 3 favorites) I can hear her saying "Tain't either" "Knock on wood" (as she knocks on my noggin) and "Who's shootin chickens?". I remember spending the night at her house. I loved when she picked me up from school. I still laugh how she would argue w the server at Kelsey's over her gift certificate use. Drives in Hebron so she could check out crops and dinners at Donates (is that how it used to be spelled?) seem just 2 summers ago.

I am sooo very Thankful I had her as long as I did especially since I wasn't so fortunate w my Grandpa Haggerty, her husband. Miss you TONS, Grandma!

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