Thursday, June 23

He is my Hope

Uh, Poor Me- Two months ago I got a notice that a bill was going to be increasing by $212 a month starting in July! (Remember these numbers and months they are powerful) Kenny works hard and is fortunate to make a great income but $212 a month is a big number to us.
I was worried and stressed. I actually cried thinking that I would have to return to work (Which may be my fate someday & that's OK if that's God's plan)
I felt sorry for myself when a story came on the news about million/billionaires from the stock market (Not that I want ANYTHING to do w the stock market---but still why do they get to make SO much money?)
I felt wronged, got mad and called the office to let them know how I felt. (It Didn't do any good)
^^^^^All of these things happened on the day I got the notice. I knew my worldly ways of anger, fear and envy would get me NO WHERE! So, I decided to give it all to my GOD and turned to prayer.
I prayed for my own situation and asked a few close family and friends to also remember us in prayer. I spent the next two months still anxious and stressed. Trying to think of ways I could bring money into our home. Should I serve a few shifts a week? Take on babysitting another child? Sell Pampered Chef? Cancel a few luxuries we have?

July 1st is fast approaching but my plan was to see how the first few months of this increased payment went before I put any serious plan into action. This is the amazing part of my story: Last night Ken came home and said his pay check was going to be $120 higher for the months of July-November because of a health care issue. When December comes this "credit" will have expired BUT our bill that is increasing is going to be reevaluated in December and I was told "will most likely decrease"! The second part of this story is I decided to cancel our gym membership which is $45month and our cable $55month.

Time to do the math: $120+$45+$55=$220!! You see, through these 3 events $220 a month will be saved! Remember $212 is what I was sooo stressed about! Haha, that's even $8 leftover! (I wouldn't be surprised if a different bill goes up by $8)

I am sharing this somewhat personal story to Encourage you! I knew from the beginning that I had to put faith in my Savior. I knew he would provide for my family, like he ALWAYS has. But it was my first reaction to turn to the ways of human nature. I still wanted to fix it myself and come up w a solution on my own like selling Pampered Chef (which there is NOTHING wrong with! I love love the product-just using as an example) I never would have imagined the extra money would come from health insurance! Ha! But He knew All Along!

He is my HOPE today and Always!

Can't you understand why I don't want to go back to work?


  1. Amen Julie! God is so good and he Always takes care of us! I love the example in the Bible where Jesus says that God even cares for the birds and we are worth far more to Him than a bird! "Do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they?" Matthew 6:25-26

  2. thanks for your encouragement, perspecitve and reminders! btw, cable bills, so out of control!!

  3. A truly awesome story! We all need to pay attention to how God is at work in our lives and then share the stories... they bring encouragement and we will never know how many lives they touch.

  4. Lynda and I were talking one day about God's miracles in provision. With Him, 2+2 = 8. It's a total mystery, but so comforting to know that He carries us.