Thursday, July 21

Lemonade for a CURE!

UPDATE: The girls actually held the Lemonade stand for a few hours the following day and made another $31! So the grand total for selling lemonade and cookies was $95.09!!! We also had 4 family members match the girls' earnings up to $50! The girls were able to give $295!!! Isn't that amazing? Thanks so much to all who helped a great cause!

We met up w Audrey at the Porter Co. fair to give her the money :)
On Wednesday my 3 favorite girls held a  PINK lemonade stand to raise money for a cure for breast cancer. They sold PINK lemonade for a whooping .25 cents and inside out cookies for .50 cents a piece. For days they've been working on their signs, baking cookies and planning everything down to the last detail. I posted on facebook for quick prayers. I was worried only a few people would come. God answered your prayers-

They raised an astonishing $64.09 two family members are matching their earns up to $50 so in total $164.09 was raised with 100 % going towards a cure! I was so proud of how friendly, well manured and aggressive (with their sales skills only) they were. It was HOT, high 90's with a heat index of over 100! Every so often one would run in the sprinkler or go cool off in the AC for 5 minutes. They endured the heat from 11- 5:30! I thought they'd be out there for like 2 hours. Ha, not these girls- they were on a mission to help find a cure. It was a fun day with a great lesson.

Inside for lunch-Mae got into the Inside Out cookies!

Mae & B bored with selling lemonade

Mae ran the calculator....Maybe that's how we raised $64!!! :)
".25 cent?!?! NO! You give me more MONEY!!"


  1. Very cool! Way to go girls!! :-)

  2. Wow! Great Job Girls!! And I love Cora's piggy tail!!

  3. What a great story! Those girls did great!