Wednesday, July 6

Catching Up

I haven't posted in over a week!!! Last week, I was busy w my two nephews who came to stay a week w me. I had no time to blog--I was busy at the zoo, waterpark, baseball game, running through the sprinkler and making Oreo milkshakes :) It was a blast having them around, they are such well mannered young guys. So content and easy going. It was great spending one on one time w them. I couldn't brag 'em up enough to their parents. I'd have them back Any Day!

(At the zoo, checking out the lions. Can you see him on the rock?)
Because they are so well mannered I did manage to still coupon some what and  do a little bit of shopping while having them here. This is what I got FREEEE in 2 weeks:
1 Vitamin Water= $1.00
Bread= $1.49
Strawberries= $1.79
Yogurt= $1
Plates= $3.39
2 liter of Pop= $1.89
2 Lipton Iced teas= $2.78
Candy= $5
============================ $18.34 Not as high as normal but good considering....

Sweet N Sour crock pot chicken won the poll--what was that 2 weeks ago? I have no pictures and hardly remember how I made it. Oooops! I'm back in the game--So be sure to VOTE this week!

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