Tuesday, April 2

2 on 2~ April

Evie is now 11 weeks old! When I took her to the doctor 2 weeks ago she weighed 11 lbs. She changes everyday & is a really good baby. She sleeps great & has shortened her fussy period at night. The past several nights we have been able to go to bed at 10! **Fingers crossed she keeps this up** She is not on any kind of schedule- she sleeps when she wants & will eat anywhere from every 1.5 hrs to 3.5 hrs. We are just going w the flow :)

Miss Cora Mae turned 3 last week! She had so much fun on our Florida vacation playing w/ her cousins and was always ready for the next adventure. We celebrated her birthday at a state park there & she got her treasured Cinderella play dress. (See pictures below) She has worn it over her clothes everyday since :) Thanks Grandma!!! I took her to her 3 year well visit and she weighs a whooping 27 lbs!
We are all ready for spring, warm temperatures and walks around our neighborhood!

This month our pictures are just quick snap shots of our morning. We are being lazy as I try to catch up from being gone for 11 days. Cora of course, picked out her Cinderella dress to wear. She is also battling a nasty, wheezy cough. These past few days I have been praying for patience w her whining but enjoying the moments during the night she wakes calling for me & asking to sleep in my bed because "it will make her feel better".  At home w these girls is Right where I want to be!

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