Friday, January 14

4. Every Monday I plan out my meals for the entire week and go grocery shopping

In my past blog,, I made a list of 10 random things about me. I decided to pick a few and elaborate a little bit more~
1.Usually my meal planning begins well before Monday, but by Monday my menu for that week is finished.
2.I make a grocery list of every item I need. (which is organized by the store layout)
3. I print coupons for items that are ONLY ALREADY ON MY LIST! Click here to see where I get most of my coupons!
4. I do my shopping every Monday, usually at Wal-Mart. I know I know, a lot of you don't like Wal-mart but at least in my area it has the cheapest prices! But I also go to Kroger.
This process has made my life easier. I used to wander through the store grabbing this and that with some faint idea of what I'd be making. Later in the week I'd go to my pantry and search for something I could make dinner out of, usually lacking a few key ingredients! Because I like to cook w/ fresh vegetables the hardest part of this is planning the meals later in the week. Example: I shop on Mondays so by Saturday most produce won't be in its prime! So a fresh spinach salad wouldn't be a good idea for Saturday lunch. Get it? Now the meals later in the week include items like frozen veggies, potatoes, pastas etc. Hope I gave you a few ideas....Let me know how you do it! Do you use coupons? Where do you find them?
Happy Shopping!

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  1. Oh, girl! I had no idea you had a blog! Your weekly meal plan and shopping right down to the store layout sounds just like what I do! Our life is a bit more un-scheduled now and I make a plan, but only purchase for a few days and go back to the store later in the week (it's only 5 blocks)since there are many nights I don't cook and its "fend for yourself". I will check back often for fresh ideas!

    Aunt Shar