Tuesday, January 25

H2O does a Body GOOD!

Water.... I'm sure you've all heard you are suppose to drink 8 glasses a day. "What? That's impossible!"
No, it really isn't. My goal for this post is to encourage you to drink more H2O!! In a previous post 10 Random Things about Me I said that I never leave the house without water.
When I do not drink enough water my body tells me so. My eyes feel tired and dry. My skin is dry and itchy. I get headaches. And the obvious my throat is dry. Why is this? Why is water so good?
-Aids in the softening of food and the digestion and absorption of nutrients.
-Major component of your blood.
-Acts as a coolant and helps regulate your body temperature.
-Helps in the elimination of waste products and toxins.

Juice, tea, coffee and pop do not count as your water consumption. Sorry! These contain sugars, sodium and caffeine which have a diuretic effect. (Diuretic is any food or drink that increases your urination and excretion of water from your body, thus increasing your water need) Get it?
I may not work out every day. I do not always follow the best diet. But I always drink water. For me it’s so easy. First, you must understand that water does not have much flavor and that’s just fine! You don't always need a drink with flavor right? Get a cup or mug that travels well and take it with you. Keep it filled while at home and keep it on your coffee table etc. This is what I use and it’s fantastic:

So drink up because WATER DOES A BODY GOOD!

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  1. Great post, Julie! I am going to find me a cute cup that is just for water. At this point I am afraid all the soda has sucked the water out of my brain, and I need to do something to change that. ;-)