Friday, January 7

9mo. Check up

Little house on the Prairie bonnet from Gram Stoner! Ken & I just laugh when we put this on her

New "motorcycle" from Gram Stoner

Well, I have a puney lil girl. She weighs 15lbs 14oz!!! Thats just below the 5th percentile for babies her age! I was certain she'd weigh more, she eats a lot! The doctor wasn't concerned in the slightest. She suspected Sweet Pea will be on the smaller end her whole childhood, which is OK w me :) I'm not ready for my baby to grow up! She is 26 inches long which is right around the 20th percentile!
A developmental test was given too. Basically, I just had to answer a bunch of questions about what Sweet Pea is doing these days. She scored high on fine motor skills ie: picking up food & passing objects from one hand to the other. Gross motor skills she was below most other kids mainly bc she isn't pulling herself into standing position & can't stand holding onto something wo my help! But again Im fine w her not doing this yet. Not ready to encourage walking!!! :)
Doctor also gave the OK to try a small amt of milk! I was happy to hear that. I think tonight we will try 1/2 oz. of skim milk and see if any reactions appear...Stay tuned!


  1. Sounds like she is doing very well!! She is such a cutie.

  2. Julie, Seriously good job on your blog! Keep it up! I love all the extras (the tabs and polls etc). And of course hearing all about Cora Mae!