Wednesday, October 26

Aching Heart

I had first seen this picture floating around on Facebook a few weeks ago. For a brief moment it made me reflect on how I currently & will speak to MaeMae. Then that was it- I forgot all about this image until yesterday when it came flooding into my head and I felt I needed to share it...

My heart is still aching for what I saw yesterday. A child (about 6 years old) being verbally abused by their parent~
In a loud, angry, Screaming voice:
Swear words being used (And yes I mean the mother of all swear words)
Threats of physical punishment
Threats of privileges being taken away
Threats of going straight to bed when they got home

Not a word from the 6 year old. Just the gesture of wiping away tears.

I'm not sure if the parent didn't care I was there and witnessing or if they were unaware b/c they were so caught up in their own anger?!?! My heart literally hurt. To see a parent speak to their child that way really upset me. I could never imagine speaking that way to Mae (yes, I know that might be harder to say when she is a teenager). I got from the ranting that the child had sassed the parent in some way. Uh, really? You are surprised? Guess where your child learned how to speak to someone when they're angry?!?!?!
I feel like this child is going to be ruined by the ONE PERSON IN THE WORLD that should be there for them. I was overly appreciative of the home I was raised in. I hugged Mae and told her I loved her. I prayed as I watched them leave. I got emotional telling Kenny.

But what DIDN'T I do? I did not step in. I did not stand up for that child. I did not hug that child & say "You are loved by me & Jesus" I did not ask the parent "Is everything ok? Why don't you take a walk while I stay here w/ your child" (Even though I wanted to do that soooo bad) Is that what I should have done?Would you have?


  1. Oh, Julie, this is so heartbreaking. What a precious gift it would have been to both mom and child to be able to step in and say something, but equally hard. I, too, was a "screamer" until I was convicted at a Hearts at Home conference. I remember posting this photo to my wall as a reminder of where I had been. Grace is so needed here. I try to remember that hurting people turn around and hurt others and that this mom may have learned these things from her parent(s). May be there is still a way to speak with this mother privately about how you viewed the aftermath. I pray that if there is generational sin to break, this mom would recognize it and repent and that she would see how her reactions affect the emotional well-being of those God entrusted to her. This is not easy to see in oneself. Thanks for sharing.

  2. so sad, if she said this in front of you i cant imagine what is said and done behind closed doors:(

  3. You should of given that lady a good lesson in parenting! ;)