Friday, April 27

5 Regular Splurges

5 Splurges:
1. Organic chicken: breasts, thighs, whole chickens etc. Ken was insistent on this b/c he is grossed out by chicken to begin with.
2. Drinks- This one might seem odd?!?! I've heard from several people that they only drink water at home to save money. I do drink a lot of water at home but I also always have different kinds of drinks. The drinks I'm referring to are; Vitamin water, Gatorade, Snapple, OJ, Diet 7UP and sometimes even chocolate almond milk. I almost always buy these items when they are on sale and stock up. I still consider it a "splurge" b/c these special drinks are not necessary although Ken prefers drinks other than water.
3. Gas- We spend a substantial amount a month in gas. But that's just the way it is! Our church is 20 minutes away and I am there 2-3times a week. Also, both of our families are 3 hours away and we visit about 1-2 times a month.
4. Cooking for Others: At least once a week I am making snacks for something going on at church or taking a meal to someone from church for various reasons. Example: This week I made a breakfast casserole for a Mom's Life get together and I am making 3 different baked goods for our bake sale Sunday!
5. Home Improvements: We bought our house 2 years ago and it needs several updates. Our weekends are often spent at a home improvement store buying supplies for whatever that weekend's project is. Last weekend it was lawn fertilizer, leaf blower and a rake :)

What is something you consider a regular Splurge? I do not mean a once a year vacation!

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