Wednesday, April 25

5 Ways I save money

5 Ways I save money:
1. Couponing: That shouldn't be a surprise to anyone :)
2. Price matching at Walmart: My Excel spreadsheet shows that 3 months worth of price matching has saved me $91.68!
3. Vegetarian meals/leftovers: 1 night a week I make a vegetarian meal & usually 1 or 2 nights we have leftovers. I also have several meals that are just a few ingredients or the needed ingredients are cheap!
4. Pay our credit card off every month: No interest or late fees
5. Gardening and canning/freezing: I can't imagine how much money I have saved this past year not having to buy: Green beans, corn, carrots, tomatoes, blueberries, peaches. It is a substantially amount, I'm certain!

Tell me a few things you do to SAVE money that I have not listed! Hopefully, I can put your ideas into practice too :)

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  1. I pack my lunch to take to work each day. Sometimes I will splurge and but a frozen meal to take which is less expensive than the cafeteria. I biggest money saver is to pay extra on your home mortage principal each month.