Thursday, April 26

5 Ways I have earned $ as a Homemaker

5 Ways I have earned money while being a Homemaker:
1. Babysit other children in our home & for our church
2. Rented out garage space to 2 neighbors
3. Blogging
4. Using our credit card for most purchases because we earn "points". (I pay the balance off at the end of the month.) I have cashed in our points for gift cards and/or a credit towards our credit card balance.
5.Garage sales, Ebay, {Craigs List}: My Mom's group is getting ready to have a BIG garage sale in June! I've sold several college books on Ebay/ I have never personally sold on Craig's List, I just mentioned it because it is so popular.

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  1. I sold almost all of our leftover wedding decorations on Craigslist. It's the greatest thing ever. And I met the nicest people!!!