Tuesday, April 24

5 Things I do NOT buy

Do you follow Money Saving Mom? She did a post on 7 things she does not buy. I decided to do the same thing only with the #5!
This week I'll post:
"5 Things I do NOT buy"
"5 Things I Splurge on"
"5 Ways I save money"
"5 Ways I have earned money as a Homemaker"

5 Things I do NOT buy:
1. Bottled water: I drink A LOT of water but not bottled, Brita filtered!

2. Laundry soap: I make my own. Check out the recipe here!

3. Dish Sponges: I do not have a dishwasher and I used to buy sponges. I'd go through them so quickly. ICK, they'd get that nasty moldy/musty smell. Now I use cloths and just wash them

4. Beef: My wonderful In Laws purchased a whole steer and split it 3 ways for Christmas! Best present ever!

5. Coffee from a drive- thru: I make it every morning! In the summer I even make an iced latte (Recipe compliments of my Aunt Sharon) Yes, there are occasions where Starbucks calls my name. It's usually when Pumpkin Spice Lattes come out in the fall. :) Along w/ #5 is Creamer: Ken and I both drink our coffee black. Yummm!

There so many other things I could list but the list would get too nitty-gritty. Leave me a comment of the #1 thing you DO NOT use that people might be astonished by...


  1. I do not buy frozen or boxed meals.

  2. GOOD one, Mom! I do buy frozen meals. Just single serving ones for Ken or my lunch. That is a great thing NOT to buy though. Good Job :)

  3. I actually do have plastic baggies right now, but plastic baggies and plastic wrap are two things I have done without. Tupperware works just as well, saves $ and waste.

  4. YAY Jenny! Good one! Can anyone really get plastic wrap to wrap correctly? I know I can't!

  5. Hi Julie! I have enjoyed reading your "5things" lists this week! I do not buy paper towels or napkins... I use cloth napkins and dish towels.