Monday, May 9

Homemade bread crumbs

Every week I have several pieces of bread left that doesn't get used because it starts to stale. I try to waste as little as possible in my home. So, I decided to make homemade bread crumbs! I know, Great Value bread crumbs are only $1.33 for 15 oz. But I have everything I need- stale bread, a dehydrator and time! I stick the left over pieces in the fridge or freezer to prevent molding.When I have what I feel will make a substantial batch I get to work! 

Place bread on trays wo any parts touching
Set temperature to 145 degrees
Let dehydrate for 1 hour
Place hard bread in food processor and blend until perfect consistency

This time I got 6 cups of bread crumbs! Of course, depending on how much bread you have will depend on how many cups you'll get. I put 3 cups in an air tight container and into my pantry. The other 3 c. I froze! I'll have enough bread crumbs to last me months w virtually no work. Another plus- my bread crumbs are whole wheat! :)

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