Wednesday, May 11

Homemade Laundry soap

Check out! This is Kenny's cousin's blog. She posted a few months ago about making her own laundry detergent. I knew it was something I wanted to try but my mother had just gotten a high efficiency washer and given me about 5 bottles of laundry soap she could no longer use. (I also got a large bottle from my friend Dawn bc she too got a new HE washer) I thought I would make my own once those bottles were gone- I still have 1 bottle left and decided to use it on our bedding because the homemade doesn't have much of a fragrance! And so today I made it!!! I altered her recipe a bit just out of convenience!

Her recipe :
4 cups grated soap (I use Fels Naptha)

4 cups Baking Soda
4 cups Washing Soda
8 cups Borax
Use approx. 1 Tablespoon per load

Heres what I did:
4 bars Ivory soap, grated (that I got for FREE couponing)
1 4lb. box Borax (It was about 9 cups- I just added it all bc I wanted to use it all up)
1 3lb. box Washing soda (I measured out 4 c. and there was a few cups leftover, so I just threw the rest in)
4 c. baking soda

- It took me about 10 minutes to make!
- I thought grating the soap was going to be very time consuming, but Ivory's texture was perfect. I just chopped w a knife and it crumbled good!
-It has no fragrance. Kenny's cousin told me the biggest difference she noticed was its not fragrant
-It gets stains out well, great for babies clothes and HE washers!
-Store in an air tight rubbermaide container about 2.5-4 gallon size.

It cost me $14.34 total including my storage tote. So next time I make this it will cost me $7.87! This should last me close to a year! That's HUGE savings on laundry soap!
Thanks again, Jenica!

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  1. WOW Thanks Julie!! I am definitely going to do this! I always buy the cheapest detergent I can find, but this is even better!