Monday, October 14

Happy Homemaker Monday (10-14-13)

I started this early in the morning. But then my day took a turn when I had to take Mae to the doctor: strep & ear infection. So, as you can imagine this post was put on the back burner.  But it is still Monday, so here ya go! I am glad Monday is over & praying for a better Tuesday!

Bible verse, Devotional:::

The weather::: Perfectly Fall: Highs 57-68  Lows 37-45 (I would LOVE a frost to hold off longer tough!)

On the menu this week::: Eating from freezer/pantry this week
Monday - Tamale Pie
Tuesday - Leftovers
Wednesday - Ham & Scalloped potatoes
Thursday - Broccoli cheese soup
Friday - Coconut curry lamb
Saturday - Leftovers
Sunday - Tuna casserole

Today's To Do list:::
  • Eeeek, I'd rather not see it all in a list!
My "project" of the week Month::: De clutter the basement

What I plan to cook for my freezer::: Nothing this week.

Looking around the house::: Sweet baby (who is 9mo old today) playing on the floor, her big sis is still sleeping. I've got bags to unpack & laundry to put away. Pretty much my house is in complete disarray since I left Ken to fend for himself for 5 days.....

Highlight of the past weekend::: The girls were not feeling well all weekend! Phew, it was rough! So my highlight comes before they got sick, on Friday Ken & I went on a lunch date.

Looking forward to this week::: Being home & getting things done here

What Cora has to say::: "Mommy, I am not feeling so well. But I know YOU are gonna make me feel better real soon."

From the camera:::

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