Wednesday, October 16

MIY: Dryer Sheets

Last week, I made dryer sheets. I have used them in several loads now & really like them! My laundry smells great, they are cheap & I know exactly what is in them. I looked up several different "recipes" online and this is what I came up with. Once I got the essential oil, which I got from Amazon for about $8, I had everything I needed. I used lavender but wouldn't lemon smell wonderful?!?!

Here is what you'll need:
Old shirt or rag
2 c. vinegar
20-30 drops of essential oil
Old jar or vessel to store

Cut the shirt or rag into approx. 6in squares. Add vinegar & oil to jar & swirl to mix. Add rags. When ready to use squeeze out some of the liquid {But do not wring it all out} After load is dry just throw the dried rag back into the jar! Easy as that!

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